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Dead Reckoning Review

January 15th, 2015 2:33am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I received this as a secondary choice, from Wild Colombini two for one deal. My primary choice was a non card effect (I have so many already!), but having read about the effect, I couldn't resist.

This is a very strong trick. It takes time, and is not a walk around, no table affair. The force of two cards, is one I first learned from an old Al Leach book. There are other, quicker ways to force the two cards, but, the one here is perfectly effective-especially if the spectator shuffles the deck before counting to the cards.

The four special stranger cards shown by the magician, announce this as a spirit effect-either tongue in cheek, or, perhaps more seriously. The four cards are clearly shown both sides-one side in red ink, the other in black-each side spelling out the words 'test' and 'dead'. After a demonstration of the magi's poor prediction abilities, the 'spirit' is called upon to help out. Low and behold, the four cards become spirit slates, now showing printed versions of both selected cards.

The mechanics here are simple-and all I believe is hinged upon the purely random way that the two initial choices are made. Coincidentally, Magic Makers has an effect out, called 'The Prediction'. Also a very strong trick, it employs the same force that Duffie uses here. What I appreciate about Dead Reckoning, is it's theatricality. One is truly free to focus on presentation, story line, and the drama of an impossible double revelation. Definitely a strong trick, to be done at a table when there is time.

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Author: Duffie, Peter
Publisher: Wild-Colombini Magic
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Retail Price: $10.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Two spectators each choose a card. You show four cards with letters printed on them. One side clearly spells the word TEST. You will also call upon your assistant from the spirit world. You turn the cards over and show that the other side of the cards spells the word DEAD. You place two cards on one spectator's palm, and the remaining two cards on the other spectator's palm. When the cards are separated, duplicates of both selections are now printed on the cards! Everything can be examined.

Comes complete with the special cards (use your own deck) and DVD where Aldo Colombini performs and explains the routine.

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