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Jacks in the Box Review

January 6th, 2015 12:12pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This is not a fresh, hot off the presses, revolutionary, must see, gotta check out get, of the moment...well, you know what I mean. I keep an eye on what is constantly coming out to greater market-while my other eye is looking ever into the past. This trick, is based on a Roy Walton trick, which I learned from a Nick Trost book several years ago. It starts with an oil water premise, shifts to a translocation, then, takes another surprise turn at climax. People have been floored by the original version, which I end with Queens.

Aldo Colombini managed to make this strong trick even more memorable I think-by using Jacks, the card box, and, the pun of Jacks in the Box. More, the final cards are terribly cute and charming, which makes the trick perfect to show to children. With magic, in this case, card magic, I have seen countless 'improvements' either in books, or marketed effects. Sometimes I wonder 'how is this an improvement? Do we really need this?'-As I said, Walton's Oil and Queens is strong-but I appreciate that Aldo added humor, and a justafiable punchline to the trick. I think it's more memorable, and, funny indeed.

Along with the intial handling, Aldo includes a second which uses the Mirage Count at the beginning-for those who may not care to use the Hamman count. This mirage option is a bit smoother, and it also introduced me to a count I hadn't know earlier. Finally, the trick comes with one quick bit of cute business-a trick using a jack and two jokers. The jokers go into the card box, the jack onto the box, and in a blink-the jokers snap into the hands, and the jack..well else would he be? Very charming trick. I definitely recommend this, whether it's to be shared with children or adults.

Product info for Jacks in the Box

Author: Colombini, Aldo
Publisher: Wild-Colombini Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $10.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Hilariously funny packet trick! You show four spot cards and four Jacks. The cards are alternated and the top four cards are placed into the card box, still alternated, and the box is closed. The remaining four cards are then seen to be the four spot cards. Where are the Jacks? In the box! The spectator removes the four cards from the box but they are now seen to be figures of a Jack-In-The-Box! Off-beat climax! Complete with full colored cards. A performance of this routine can be found on my DVD "All Hands On Deck".

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