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At the Table Live Lecture - Nicholas Einhorn 10/22/2014 - video DOWNLOAD Review

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December 28th, 2014 9:13pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
WOW! Yes, I thought long and hard about what to open this review with and that was all I could come up with. It is not often I find myself unable to find words but this lecture was just that good!

Nicholas Einhorn has been around for a while and has authored numerous books, as well as released quite a few different products. If you have been in magic for a while, chances are you have at least heard his name come up and maybe even used one of his products, like the popular ‘Nest of Wallets’ or his take on the Ring Flight plot called ‘Pro-Flite’.

In this lecture, Nicholas shares a lot of magic with everyone and shows why he is a well-respected performer. His opening piece was something he came up with when trying to devise a set for a FISM competition. It is very surprising and it is a fantastic utility which can be adapted to many different things out there; it is also a great way to transition from cards to coins, or lead into something which uses both.

There was a wonderful story line effect called ‘Rainbow Deck’ in which a faded and worn card is shown face down in a plastic sleeve as a prediction. Of course, the selection and prediction match, but…the ending completely caught me off-guard and I found myself with my mouth wide open “ I followed everything that he was doing right up to the finale, but I did NOT see that coming! This particular effect is a great use for a rainbow deck of any sort.

Aside from John Bannon, Nick has some of the best ideas and work on the Coin in Bottle that I have ever seen. I never really cared for the Coin in Bottle (I actually prefer and do two versions of ‘Cap in Bottle) for the very reason that Nicholas mentions in the lecture. The work on this plot that John Bannon put in his ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ book called “Vacuum Packed” made me reconsider using the ‘Coin in Bottle’ and Nick Einhorn has done the same thing. He shares subtle nuances and tips that make it all the more convincing and for that matter, magical. He also shares a tip about old gaffs that some magicians may like and others may not but it certainly is a valid idea if you think about it.

There is one particular set that he performs and then explains that is an act unto itself “ there is a lot of magic packed into this set in a relatively small amount of time. He uses his marketed item called ‘Pro-Flite’ and while he does touch on how to utilize it within the context of this set, he does not fully explain the mechanics because it is a dealer item. Further still, he does use and explain the working of his ‘Nest of Wallets’ which is also a dealer item. This whole set shows just how powerful each of the individual things used in it can be, whether used together or on their own. I can see a lot of people buying ‘Pro-Flite’ (which I do use and recommend) and/or his ‘Nest of Wallets’ after seeing this.

Nicholas discusses lots of other things beyond just effects such as structuring your acts/sets, how to be creative and in various aspects, the how/when/why of magic and other bits of business and ideas that will get you thinking.

This has been one of the best lectures I have seen yet in this entire series and I only wish it would have been longer (Sounds greedy, huh? So? It was GREAT!) because the quality of the lecture was superb and in my humble opinion will be hard to match in certain aspects.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional I have no doubt that there is something for everyone in this lecture, be it the tips and ideas or some actual effects/variations. If you are a fan of Nicholas Einhorn already, you will love this lecture and if you are not familiar with his work, this is an excellent lecture to introduce you to his body of work.

VERY highly recommended!

5 stars.

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Author: Einhorn, Nicholas
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Manufacturer's Description:

Nick Einhorn: Nick is absolutely amazing. Having fooled Penn & Teller on the famous UK show, 'Penn & Teller - Fool Us', Nick is bringing you a lecture that you will not forget. Having authored numerous books and magic effects including, Nest of Wallets, Spooked, Pro-Flite and so much more, Nick will be showcasing his style of magic. He will also share with you his tips on how to book gigs, approaching a table or group of people, how to routine and much much more!

Money Deck - This is a surprise production of four coins that appear under a ribbon spread deck of cards. (Please note - the "surprise" is not guaranteed if you just read the above).

Unicorn Coin in Bottle - Nick's routining and handling of this classic effect. This is suitable for banquet tables and general close-up work. Plus, Nick shares with you his thoughts on the wear and tear of folding coins.

Signature Triumph - An in-the-hands version of Triumph with a very surprising ending. This effect is ideal for the 'mix and mingle' close-up performer.

Co-op - A quick and quirky color changing card which makes a perfect opener for a strolling close-up act!

Gold Rush - A tried and tested routine for the classic 'Ring Flight' which maximizes the visual moment of the vanishing ring.

Rainbow Deck - Nick's routine and handling of this great utility prop!

Ring on String - Here you will learn Nick's thoughts, handling and routining for this classic effect!

Pro-Flite - Nick shares with you his marketed performance of the classic Ring Flight effect. (Performance Only)

Nest of Wallets - A best seller! Nick will perform for you his routine and will cover with you all of the nuances that make this effect so killer and so strong.

Autographical Transposition - If you are bored of the $100 bill switch, then try THIS the next time you are performing at the tables.

Serial Number Devination - A sneaky and devious method to divine numbers on a random borrowed bill.

Hidden Influence - An amazing and seemingly impossible prediction which happens in the spectator's own hands!

Carat & Schtick - Sometimes it is the small comedic moments in between routines which make a real difference to an act. This little bit of fun will ALWAYS get a laugh and gasp. Aces 4 U - A four ace production on the offbeat.

IMP Force & Applications - This force is a great utility which leads in to multiple and unlimited opportunities. (Card at Any Number, an UN-gimmicked Brainwaved effect or even a You Find It plot)

Watch Match - A coincidence effect utilizing two borrowed watches.

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.

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