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Total Recall Review

Official Review

December 19th, 2014 11:46am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

Excellent system and multi-phase routine to appear as though you can memorize an entire shuffled deck.

The system does require a bit of memorization, but it is much easier than you might imagine.

Not only are the methods excellent, he is also a very entertaining performer, and it is worth watching just to see how he keeps the crowd entertained. For example, he takes around 35 seconds to "memorize" the deck, but in that time, he pauses several times for jokes and gags.

The routine consists of three phases, all using slightly different methods. Throughout the phases, he provides good examples of humor and how to engage an audience.


This is not really a heavy duty memorization technique, so don’t worry that this must be very difficult to do. While it does take a bit of memory work, I was able to understand and use the system after a single viewing of the DVD.


Excellent DVD. Entertaining and hard hitting magic.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

There is a bit of memory work in this. He fully explains how to accomplish this. However, there are other methods you can look into if different systems are better for you. For example, there is a Peg system that makes the small amount of memory you need even easier.

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Author: Llaser, Manuel; Vernet Magic
Publisher: Vernet Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Vernet is proud to introduce an extraordinary and unique memory act:

Juan Tamariz said: "It's absolutely convincing and I am totally convinced that Manuel memorizes all the deck as fast as lightning!!!! Extraordinary indeed!!!!

The spectator gives you a well shuffle deck of cards, you have never seen before, and after 30 seconds of memory effort and 200 neurons less you are able to name any card at any number given. The position in that deck of any card named. Also the position of any four of a kind given by the spectator Any sequence of consecutive cards memorize by a member of the audience, and at the end you can recite all the deck in order, or what its even better, gives the deck to the spectator as a present and he can call you any time he wants and you can recite the order for him.

No Mnemonics Any shuffled deck Any time, anywhere Convince your audience of your super memory power. Bonus track: "How to recite the whole deck" Be able to remember the deck forever. The spectator can call you any time and you can recite the entire order of the deck. 100% audience tested

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