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Your Card Is (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

December 15th, 2014 12:02pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

When I first saw this, it just felt like I had seen this before. I think perhaps it just reminds me of the Gary Jones Shock Twist. However, the DVD references Gary’s moves and the two DVDs are from the same company. So, in my review, I’m going to just ignore that this routine looks awfully familiar.

I really liked the routines and the methods were solid.

The routines are easy to reset and pretty easy to perform.

In the Suggestions section, I am sharing my thoughts on delivery that makes this quite humorous.


Just a couple negatives:

First, the packet of cards doesn’t come with a card “wallet”. The cards come in a plastic sleeve. I just think that all packet tricks should come with one of those inexpensive plastic card wallets.

Second, every DVD should explain every move. In this DVD, at one point he says “control the card to the top using any method you like.” If the viewer doesn’t know a way to control the card to the top, they are left a bit high and dry.


Very nice routines and set of cards.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

I like to set up my cards so on one side, the red back card is showing and on the other side of the packet the face is showing. Let’s say my cards are the four of diamonds. I then have a bit of patter about my four favorite cards being red fours. I show a couple red fours and and point to the red back when I say "red fours". Then while I am doing the certain move described in the DVD, I ask: “Do you know why my favorite cards are the red fours?” Of course, they are going to say they don’t know. I then say: “That’s unfortunate. My therapist said I need to find the answer to that question, but clearly you are of no help with this. That’s ok, I understand. It’s all about you. Ok.” This does two things: First, it creates a humorous moment. Second, it sticks in their head that my favorite cards all have red backs. In the conclusion of the routine, I pretend like the audience is thinking I’m obsessed with red back cards and show them that I’m not by telling them that I hate red backed cards and show them that the backs are all different colors, none of them being red back. This ending does three things: It further emphasizes the transposition, it ends in a humorous way, and it sets you up to deal with anyone who wants to examine the cards. If someone asks to examine the cards, you have already established that you are a bit obsessed with these cards, and you can say "No one gets to see my red backed fours!"

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Your Card Is (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Maidment, Grant
Publisher: MagicTao
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

You have a card selected, signed, this then gets lost in the pack. You produce a set of four of the same cards i.e. - four Jokers. You show the backs to be all blue. One by one each joker turns face up from face down. You then place the four cards in the spectator's hand and ask them to wave their other hand over the cards. One card turns face down. You take the remaining three face up Jokers and show that they have now each turned into a different colour back with the words "YOUR CARD IS" and an arrow written on the back of the cards. When the spectator turns the card in their hand, it is their signed card.

Very visual and one you will be adding to your act.

Also comes with a bonus trick 'Chameleon Deceptions'. A trick where four of the same cards ie. four Jokers turn from face down to face up. Then by waving over the cards, the backs turn into different colours.

You are supplied with all cards needed plus a DVD with full explanations.

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