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Method Memorabilia Review

Official Review

December 8th, 2014 10:19am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a very good book with well thought out routines. The ad copy briefly describes each routine, so I'm not going to go into detail on each. You aren’t going to find a lot of new “methods” here. However, this book is, in my opinion, what the magic world needs more of, and that is good magic “scripts”. Far too often, magicians purchase a new effect with a cool new method and perform the effect just as it was demoed. The problem is that the demo is designed to best show the visual hard hitting moment in the shortest time. The most successful magicians have created a character and focus on entertaining audiences with their scripts that also include strong magic moments.

Method Memorabilia will give you plenty of ideas that you could adapt to your own character and way of entertaining. The routines use mostly known methods, sometimes combining or altering known methods in clever and effective ways. Unless I missed something, I found it refreshing that you could perform every single effect without requiring any special prop that you don’t likely already have.


I gave this four instead of five stars because, in my opinion, the price is a bit high. To some, that may be a plus in that it will weed out those who aren’t serious, but I see it as a negative because I wouldn’t expect anyone to take any of these routines and perform them as written. I would expect people to use these routines as a basis for creating their own routines, and I think many magicians could benefit from that sort of inspiration.


Nice book, good ideas.

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Author: Palmer, Steven
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Manufacturer's Description:

Method Memorabilia is a collection of ten close-up professional performance pieces of mentalism.

All the routines are direct, logical and used extensively in the real world.

The routines are simple to perform leaving the performer to focus on his presentations.

No expensive gaffs or gimmicks are required to perform the material contained in the book and only basic sleight of hand is needed.

Many of these items could have been sold as stand-alone items, but are collected here in this single of volume of modern mentalism.

The book is 115 pages and perfect bound.

There's a time for lying:
A stunning spectator as mind reader effect featuring several utility moves with a wide range of applications.

Into the void:
An impossibly clean and direct "think a card" routine. The routine is very logical, very direct and very fooling. If you perform mentalism with playing cards, this is destined to go into your repertoire.

Sensory Intelligence:
A beautiful close up graphology routine. The routine compromises of three increasingly powerful reveals using three business cards. Several variations of the routine are given, including a drawing duplication finale. The routine can be performed entirely impromptu and also includes a technology free "which-hand" finale.

Emphatic Touch:
A close up, self contained take on the "blister" effect. Takes only moments to build and uses items you are sure to have. The routine provides an astonishing way to leave the spectator with your business card. Once built you are likely to take this everywhere.

A direct and logical approach to "Psychic Poker" or "Tell reading". A very direct and simple and demonstrations of mind reading at the card table, using just a regular deck and minimal sleight of hand.

A signature effect for a long time. This routine combines many classic mentalism ideas and some from the card table to make an insanely direct "think a card" with no physical cards present. Can be performed virtually impromptu and prop less.

The Becoming:
A very "real" approach to getting inside a spectators mind. Performed properly this can look like genuine psychic ability.

Future Prophecies:
A very versatile routine, giving the performer a risk free way of practicing psychological forces with a guaranteed prediction kicker. The routine uses everyday office items, with some versatile ideas to be adapted to routines you already do.

A massively streamlined approach to the single "Card in Wallet" idea. Fans of the plot are sure to enjoy this. The work and ideas involved in this could be easily adapted to your current version of the routine.

Dead Cut Redux:
A very fooling close up routine using playing cards with progressively more impossible stages. Using minimum sleight of hand and a normal deck this has been a favorite prelude to show how the performer gained his intuitive abilities.


"Method Memorabilia" I have to say is one of the books I eagerly waited to read for sometime. What I believe (for me) is spectacular about the book are the little nuggets littered throughout the pages. I have used one of Steve's principles in my pk time piece for nearly a year now and I'm gutted it's in here (I love it that much).
I really love the off hand comment about the tarot cards, F**k it's clever I wish I had thought of it.
Future prophecies was again one of them little genius pieces that sparked off lots of ideas for me.
Steve you are a clever (deleted) and your book made my flight to Germany entertaining and delightful.

Peter Turner

I found your book stimulating. I think the major contribution you make is in your gift in communicating ideas and procedures. The reader will learn how to present "revelations" in a dramatic and entertaining way. Your manuscript is clear in that you are sharing tricks and routines you have perfected and it is up to the reader to mold them for their own style.
Your watch routine is my favorite.

Barrie Richardson

I highly recommend "Method Memorabilia" to anyone who is interested in close up mentalism. The routines within this book are not only practical in effect but are also direct in method. I can certainly see myself using some of the material that is contained within these pages.
Michael Murray

I was highly impressed with "Method Memorabilia", from thought of card work to impromptu predictions, to voodoo experiments, this book has something for everyone. There have been at least three different effects that have no made it into my working set and if I get just one idea from a book I consider it a valuable investment! Steven has taken some classic methods and some unique & original ones to create some fantastic pieces of mentalism. Highly recommended!
Art Vanderlay

Steven has provided a number of workable, real-world routines that require no more than standard office fare. Method Memorabilia features a number of well conceived thought-of card routines and plausible close-up effects, that anyone can add to their repertoire. Practical and effective routines!
Sean Waters

Steven Palmer has put together an amazing collection of effects that are workable in the real world and extremely strong. As you read the book you can tell Steven takes his mentalism very seriously, every detail, variation and subtlety has already been thought out for you. I'll be adding many pieces from this book into my performing repertoire, my particular favorite is Dead Cut Redux, the last effect in the book, and in my opinion is a brilliant mentalism with cards effect, and you can't always say that!
Karl Scott

Here is something for everyone whether your a magician or a mentalist.
The concepts for routines and patter have a personal feel to the presentation and to the effects, each can be dissected and changed to suit your ranking or experience you feel you are. The key is they can be subsumed and delivered to the spectator in any type of situation.
Steven offers practical strong effects that are explained in a very straightforward simple to the point manner, which allows you to visualize and follow correctly.
I personally look forward to Steven's forthcoming projects.
Gianni Vox

There's real ingenuity within these pages. Every single effect in the book contains an interesting twist or a new, clever subtlety. Steven obviously considers his material very carefully and the result is a thoroughly enjoyable, eye-opening book of fresh and exciting mentalism.
Dave Forrest.

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