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A Trip to Cancun Review

Official Review

November 19th, 2014 2:38am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Ahhhhhh...What a treat! If you have been in magic for a while as a stage/platform/parlor performer, you have probably heard of the classic "Bathing Beauty" by Abbott Magic. If you have been in magic longer than a while, you may have even seen it or used it. If you have not seen or heard of it, watch the trailer for this product.

This effect is not quite the same but it is based on the "Bathing Beauty". The gag portion of the effect is pretty much the same but done with modern photographs, and what George added was a magical bit of finding a selected card.

One thing about this product that stood out was the lack of a DVD. What you do get is a QR code that you can scan with your iPhone or Smartphone which will take you to the password protected Vimeo instructional video. The password is provided under the link on the business card. There is also a QR code on the package that takes you to the trailer for the product. The sound and video quality were not the best but they were decent and did not detract from the ability to learn anything. George is a great teacher and he covers everything you need to know to make this a great piece.

The photos of the girl are very nice and tasteful and are professionally shot and printed on nice, heavy stock with a protective coating. The prop seems like it will last forever if you take care of it and it feels pretty sturdy to me.

The included grass skirt and bikini had a strange odor to them which was a bit offensive, so I ran them through the washer and that got rid of the odor. This is not really an issue but it may be for some, which is why I bring it up. That said, the bikini is a good quality similation made of the same material as real ones. The grass skirt is made of plastic material - personally I would rather go out to a craft store or costume shop and grab some of the real stuff to make a more realistic looking one to match the photo, but that is just my obsessive thinking. The plastic one will work just fine for most people.

The Abbott "Bathing Beauty" has long been a classic "gag" type of effect and this version is destined to become one too. The modernization and updating of the idea make it perfect for modern audiences. Like its inspiration, it is a very funny piece when played right, BUT, it is not something you will do in every show for every audience. This is meant for adult shows and not kid shows and even with your all-adult shows, as George mentions, you have to be selective and use your judgement as to whether or not the effect should be used.

The other thing about this particular version is that you can play it in various ways: You can play it cleanly or as blue as you like, whether you use blue lines or allow the audience to create them in their own heads.

The ad copy is 100% accurate and speaking of which, I am not sure why they mention including 5 neodymium magnets with it. Yes, the props do use magnets but they are already in the assembled prop - you have nothing to construct and you do not get extra magnets as none are needed. This statement may have been lost in translation but it is not dishonest in any way.

The props are all very good quality, the effect is very easy to do and is pretty much guaranteed to get laughs. The teaching is superb and nothing is left out. I do think that $85/USD might be just a tad high, but you will definitely get your money worth out of it.

If watch the trailer and like what you see or if you have ever wanted to do the Abbott "Bathing Beauty" with updated, professional-quality props and photos, this is the product for you!

Very highly recommended!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for A Trip to Cancun

Author: George Iglesias
Publisher: Twister Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $85.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Make any signed card travel to Cancun in a very sensual way!

Inspired by the classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect, originally created by Frederic Culpit from England.

George Iglesias brings us now his renovated version, with an improved method and a powerful effect. A seven minutes solid comedy routine that have a great twist and plot and that is ready to entertain audiences of all nationalities!

EFFECT: An spectator selects a card and sign it, then place it back into the deck and shuffle it. Now the magician announces that he is going to teleport the spectator's card into an enchanting and exotic place, a heavenly dreamed beach in the Caribbean like Cancún. (You can name any other beach in the world, free choice)

The magician does a magic gesture and vanishes the card from the deck. The spectator is invited now, to try to find his signed card in the deck with no luck, one by one the cards are seeing and the selected card has just simply vanished!

To prove it, he shows now a poster with a beautiful lady on the picture, she is wearing a red bikini and a hula skirt, she is also holding a couple of coconuts and a card facing down that can be seen inside her Bra'...

The magician announce that he will make one part of the spectator's body travel in time and distance to Cancún to reach for his card and bring it back.

Now the spectator stick his hand inside and takes out the hula skirt instead... Hummmm the magician says :"Listen, I told you to take the card out, not her skirt" (When open you can see that the picture is missing now the skirt)

Once again the magician gives another chance to the spectator to reach in the two dimensional world to bring back his card... He stick his hand again, but this time he pulls out the top of the bikini out (The Bra) (When open the poster, you can see now that she is covering her top part with the pair of coconuts she had)

The magician assumes no risk, and he decided to go for it, taking the face down card out... Big is his surprise when suddenly and "by mistake" the bottom part of the biking comes out together with the signed card...

The magician is embarrassed and asked the spectator about the card he selected and when turnover it is exactly the card he selected and signed at the beginning...

The magician announce the end of the trick and take a bow... But wait the audience wants more! They want to see inside of the picture! So the magician asks: Do you want to see it? He asked again: Do you really want to see it?...So you can see him!¨ (The poster is open and it "Mario, the baywatch" a muscle guy with a dirty look can be seen)

  • Great for Comedy, Parlor and Stage Magic shows.
  • Lots of comedy! Very easy to perform and operate!
  • 7 Minutes comedy routine
  • The card can be signed by spectator or not, you decide.
  • You can also use a duplicate card and a forcing card (fully explained on the instructional video).
  • Comes with everything you need, including al the clothing pieces SET.
  • Great quality, 5 neodymium magnets, will secure all the panels
  • Printed in a high resolution paper with a great level of realism and plastic coated to increase durability.
  • Comes with an Instructional online video.

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