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At the Table Live Lecture - Rick Merrill 7/16/2014 (download) Review

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December 11th, 2014 3:05am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This was an interesting lecture in and of itself. Here you have a FISM champion that essentially teaches you his FISM act with all the little bits and pieces of information to make things easier to understand and learn.

The problem with these types of lectures (where a winning FISM act is divulged) is not the quality of the material taught - it is the fact that most magicians misunderstand the underlying intent or they end up taking away the wrong lessons. The material is great, though some of it may be a bit mediocre, but the point is that it is WINNING material. It is in the routining, the delivery and the personality of the performer that wins the competitions - not the effects. Rick mentions that. In fact as he points out, his FISM act opener was based on an "out" of another magician - something that they (in this case, Rune Klan) came up with on a whim as a backup for his "Plan B".

Rick does not tell you what the judges look for in a FISM competition act, but he does tell you how he came up with his ideas and his act, what inspired him and each piece in his act, etc. He takes you through his own creative process, his personal development process and tells you about how his passion for magic came about.

The whole lecture is very funny to watch because Rick is a funny guy without having to try. There was one moment where cards end up all over the floor (intentionally) and Mike (the host) offers to help pick them up. He hands them back to Rick after squaring them up and Rick goes, "Thanks." as he throws them over his shoulder to the floor again!

One particular piece that stood out for me in this lecture was in fact his opener with the coin and the marker. He has done some very good work with the piece and teaches it very clearly, though it is a bit angle-y, and he does address that issue in various ways.

On the whole, if you ever wanted to see what a winning FISM act looks like, this lecture is for you. Everything is very clearly explained and Rick is a good teacher, but this lecture will not be for everyone. You can take some of the lessons and apply them to your everyday working sets and situations, but this lecture is, in my humble opinion, better suited to those looking to compete on any level, not just FISM level.

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Author: Merrill, Rick
Publisher: Murphys Magic Supplies
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Manufacturer's Description:

Rick Merrell: Rick is a FISM winning World Champion of Close-up magic. Join Rick as he shares with you what made him the champion that he is by sharing some of his visual magic and routines that made him so successful. His lecture is a show itself! From close up magic with cards and coins, to corporate magic, to comedy magic, there WILL be something here for everyone!

You will learn about:

Rick's Stand Up Opener: A multiple selection card routine filled with unique and entertaining revelations, original comedy, and great thinking. This is the routine Rick has used to open his stand up show for more than 10 years. It's filled with laughs and magical moments - and just wait until you see the method!

Rick's Close Up Opener: After cutting his teeth in restaurants for more than 7 years, Rick tips his opening close up routine along with all his lines and gags. He also explains the psychology behind his patter and why it works for him.

Three Change: A three coin routine where the coins change but do not "fly". Visual coin magic in Rick's off-beat style.

Royal Cut Flush: An amazing display of card skill without the hours of practice. The method is almost as amazing as the effect!

Coin and Marker: The basis for Rick's Grand Prix FISM act involves a sharpie marker and a Morgan silver dollar. With these two items, Rick will show you how you can perform mind-blowing magic that's both visual and entertaining!

Sleeving: Rick shares his work on this useful and secret technique.

Empty Hand Vanish: Learn how to vanish a pen, pencil, or marker - with your sleeves rolled up! Pure sneakiness!

Plus Rick will share stories from FISM, his travels abroad, his feelings on magic competition, and useful thoughts on creating original magic! You're guaranteed to laugh and have a great time!

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