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Risk 4 Review

Official Review

November 8th, 2014 2:12am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This DVD consists of 4 effects. I gave it 2.5 stars because I am thinking about whether there are better or more powerful ways to accomplish similar effects. I have mixed feelings because I can think of better ways to do the effects, but some have interesting concepts if you have not been exposed to them.

Broken Wings: This is a torn and restored card effect. It is a nice semi-impromptu version of the TNR routine that has hundreds if not thousands of variations. I must say my favorite TNR method is a combination of “Torched and Restored” by Brent Brown and “Fax” by Loki Kross. The advantage to Rizki’s version is it is semi-impromptu. If you had nothing but your own deck of cards, you could set up for this in a minute and perform. The disadvantage is you can’t show the torn face. The advantage of the combination that I use is you can show the torn face with the signature and then restore it. The disadvantage to the combination I use is you have to have a deck of cards dedicated to this effect.

CIF: I think that in general, when a prediction is revealed in an unusual way, it is best if that card is signed. Also, there are about a zillion different ways to reveal a force card. Is this the best way to reveal a force card? I don’t know. If you like what you see, then the method is not bad.

TK CAR: At first, I thought this was just a silly pointless piece of low grade magic. However, if you combine the concept with a good thought of card routine or a selected card routine, it might be an entertaining way to reveal a card. By itself, it is amusing that you apparently “sort of” control when the car starts moving, but I think it really should be part of a stronger routine to be strong magic.

TRANSVO: This is really a pretty good routine where their signed selection vanishes and appears in your wallet. There are some good concepts in here, if you are not already familiar with them. This isn’t the first place I have seen this concept. I think this is possibly the strongest of the routines. Word of caution, to do the revelation in your wallet, you need a wallet that you can fit in your pocket with the opening facing upward. However, if you have the right wallet, this will work with an ordinary wallet.


I think some good concepts are taught on this DVD. I think it is really a matter of whether you would want to perform these routines or if you have others that are stronger. While every effect has potential, I think these routines would need "a lot of work" to pass the Dai Verson test of "They are good if you are still doing them ten years from now."


I rated this 2.5 stars because I think you would have to really work on his routines to create strong magic. I probably won't do any of these, but I can't rule out that I might use one of his concepts in a routine.

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Product info for Risk 4

Author: Nanda, Rizki
Publisher: Titanas
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

From the producer who brought you RadioActive, we now present 4 super visual effects from the mind of Rizki Nanda, a rising star within the magic community.

Broken Wings:
A card is freely selected and signed, then cleanly ripped into two separate pieces. At your command the torn halves become fully animated and slowly restore themselves at your fingertips!

The magician folds a playing card into quarters, and secretly writes a prediction on one side. Once the participant has selected a card themselves, the prediction is turned over to reveal that it is incorrect! With just a wave, the ink of the prediction visually transforms into the correct value of the chosen card. As a kicker ending, the prediction is unfolded to reveal that it, too, matches the selection!

TK Car:
Breathe life into a toy car under the influential force of your mental abilities! (No thread or magnets necessary)

Two differently-colored folded cards are introduced, and the spectator is invited to choose one of them. Instantly, the selection vanishes and reappears inside the magician's wallet, thanks to a powerful message found written inside the second card.

Welcome to RISK 4.

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