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Genetics Review

Official Review

December 23rd, 2014 1:42pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is such a clever concept and Sean teaches several very simple methods and routines. He has covered all bases, from how to mix the cards at the beginning to different approaches and scripts to how to reveal the magic ending.

The props are very well made and take up so little pocket space. They come in their own little plastic folding card case.

The routine could be done close-up, walk-around, parlor, or stage.

He also teaches a couple of very different methods, one with a prepared deck and another with a randomly shuffled deck, all using the special Genetics cards.

He also offers a bonus routine that complements the Genetics routine that is an excellent double peek of something written by the two participants on blank cards or your business cards. Both the method for the double peek and the routines are very good.


If you do this effect in a strolling environment where you are going to be repeating the effect, you will either need to use the method that involves freely shuffled cards, or you will need to reset the cards.

The nice thing is he teaches several variations so you could use the same cards in a strolling environment and perform three or more variations of the effect, something slightly different at different tables. If you are able to reset the cards, you could do that method. If you are not able to reset the cards, then you could use a different method. All the methods and routines he teaches are excellent.


Great props, great effects, great routines. A worker.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Goodman, Sean
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Manufacturer's Description:

MagicTricks is proud and excited to introduce to you Sean Goodman, making his debut with a blinder of an effect...a guaranteed worker and perfect for any wedding magician...completely self working, fun trick to perform...please welcome...Genetics!

A fabulous effect to show to a couple! You explain that men and women think differently and like different things. To illustrate this, you show some cards which have pictures of various items such as a dog, cat, iron, whip etc. and suggest that some will appeal to men and some to women.

The cards are mixed and then offered one at a time to the man and woman alternately. Any cards they don't want are discarded. At the end, to their amazement the man's selections are turned over and they all have BLUE BACKS, and the woman's have PINK BACKS!

You receive a set of specially produced quality cards in a plastic wallet together with an instructional DVD. The DVD runs through different handling variations of the basic plot, and also includes another great routine which has a fab kicker finale.

PLUS, Sean also shares his brilliant double business card peek technique which can be added to the basic Genetics routine - this is worth the price itself! A truly practical peek that real workers will use immediately.

Genetics is a joy to perform. It's fun and full of audience participation. Simple to perform, immediately resets and packs a punch! And it's DIFFERENT!!!!!!

The feel good trick of the year!

"The Perfect Wedding Trick!"
- Wayne Fox

"A Real Worker's Dream!"
- Matt Daniel-Baker

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