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Great Scott! It's Magic! Review

Official Review

December 22nd, 2014 2:02pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The DVD shows Scott performing his routines in front of a group of spectators, apparently at someone’s home. He does a real good job interacting and entertaining the group.

He comes across like an ordinary guy who has really worked to produce good quality magic in an entertaining way, and for that, he has some good stuff to offer in this project.

In his set, he performs his own version of a number of well known effects and routines, including Dai Vernon’s Travelers, Red Hot Mama, Twisting the Aces, Larry Jenning’s The visitor, and more. All are very good versions, You may like his version better or you may not, but he does a pretty good job with all.

He also has a fantastic rope routine that includes a small girl assisting him in a very entertaining routine, and a rope and ring routine.

He has a very nice coin routine based on Eddie Fechter’s Flying Eagles.

He does a sponge routine that has a fun theme of peanut butter and jelly. You may opt to have a different theme, but it is nice to see what he has created for a sponge ball routine.

Sufficed to say, he covers a broad range of card, coin, rope, and sponge ball effects, all of them done very well.

The DVD is a very nice inspiration for how to perform a set of magic with a good variety and good audience interaction. It is also nice to see someone who is probably not going to kill an audience as a stand up comedian who can very successfully incorporate humor into his presentation and keep a group of people entertained.


He is doing his version of some pretty strong classic effects. In some cases he has simplified them and in other cases he has combined a few classics. You may not agree with his version or you may find his version better. I personally was inspired by more than a few of his routines with good take-aways for my own magic.


Very nice DVD project, worthy of checking out.

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Author: Scott F. Guinn
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11 of Scott's favorite routines performed and explained. On this DVD, you'll find material from Scott's "A List," the stuff he performs for real people in real-world paying gigs. Idaho Travelers, A Visit to Boise, Red Hot Mama's Lips , Peanut, Butter & Jelly, Magic Western Union, Universal Appeal, What the...?, Treasure Valley Twist, Simply Stop, Magic Jumprope. BONUS: Great Scott's Ring & Rope Routine.

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