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At the Table Live Lecture - Patrick Kun 7/9/2014 Review

Official Review

December 1st, 2014 12:43am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
I had a lot of fun watching this lecture and if you have seen the Patrified DVD and liked the material on it, you will too!

A lot of the stuff that Patrick teaches here is similar to the work on his DVD in that it is not necessarily hard to do, but some will require a knack to do.

Patrick is a great teacher and leaves nothing out of his instruction. He does add a twist or two to some of the effects from the DVD but most of what is here is not on the DVD. He opens with an absolutely stunning bill change (which was not released yet at the time that this lecture went LIVE but has since been released).

If you like "flashier" magic you will also enjoy some of the work here; by "flashier" I do not mean XCM-type stuff, but there are some cool flourish-type things he teaches as a way to make certain parts of effects "pop".

As always, Mike Hankins does a great job of hosting, interacting with both Patrick and the viewers and asking all the right questions.

Even if you have never seen Patrick or any of his products before, you will likely find something useful in this lecture.

Very highly recommended!

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Product info for At the Table Live Lecture - Patrick Kun 7/9/2014

Author: Kun, Patrick
Publisher: Murphys Magic Supplies
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Manufacturer's Description:

At the Table: Patrick Kun

Patrick Kun is one of the most talented close up sleight of hand magicians you will ever see! His dynamic style of performing is breathtaking, as he makes even the most difficult of sleights look seemingly easy! From his own person brand of magic, to his consulting days with David Copperfield and Cyril, this is definitely an EXCLUSIVE lecture that you will not want to miss! This session of "At the Table" will focus on how Patrick creates impromptu magic with visual gimmicked effects in mind. Host Mike Hankins will speak in depth with Patrick about his creative process and how he comes up with new and fresh ideas. They will also speak about Patrick's days of consulting with some of the top pros in the business today. Patrick will perform and explain some of his signature pieces as well as brand new effects never seen before. There will be a Q&A session, where Patrick will answer some of your questions! So pull up a chair and be ready to be amazed by the magic of Patrick Kun!

With this downloadable file you can keep and watch again and again.

You will see:

PK-Touch On The Classics:

  • Inflict: (Sandwich Plot) - A VISUAL color changing sandwich routine than can be done with many different presentations.
  • PK Collectors: (Collectors Plot) - A selected card is found in between four of a kind within a split second!
  • DIY Aces: (Gambling Plot) - A simplified version on the Spectator Cuts the Aces plot. Very straight forward and EASY TO DO!
  • Carboné: (Mystery Card Plot) - A utility move that allows you to switch the mystery card very openly and fair!
  • VOW: (Anniversary Waltz Plot/Basic Version) - A Basic version of the Anniversary Waltz plot. Very simple and direct! Jaws drop for Patrick's version!

  • Vector: (Impromptu Haunted Deck) - Very visual and by the way, it's totally impromptu!
  • Surge: (Impromptu Card Rise) - Impromptu card rise that can be performed with any card box. No gimmicks! Everything is completely examinable! Can also be used as a very visual color change!

  • Mirror Force: Looking similar to the classic force, except the card is controlled to the bottom of the deck. This force can also conceal the back of a playing card.
  • 4 Card Production: This is a flashy and flourish way of producing four of a kind!

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