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Upgrade (DVD and Gimmick) Red Review

Official Review

January 23rd, 2015 3:44am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
When I first saw the trailer for this I was in awe at the visual nature of the changes. Then I saw the gimmick and I was not sure what to think. Then I watched the video and had a play around with it - I found this to be a clever, very visual and useful effect with lots of possibilities.

The gimmick that I received was well made but I had to modify it just slightly so that certain parts did not stick out at the wrong time. I cannot really say more without getting into detail but if you have this, you will probably understand.

Having said that, this gimmick is very clever and Danny not only teaches you quite a few applications for it but he also teaches you how to make your own. That includes making one for use with the backs of the cards as well. This can be made with any brand of cards that you like and that is the beauty of it.

For the most part if you chose to make your own, it is relatively easy to make - you just have to take your time to make sure things line up properly as Danny points out.

There are no live performances on the DVD and normally this would annoy me, but in this case, the effects possible with this gimmick are all commercial and able to be used in public. For the explanations Danny is joined by Liam Montier, who also gives a few ideas and tips of his own, also asking a few questions that some viewers at home might have.

There is a basic Q&A section at the end of the DVD in which you learn more about Danny and his journey through magic and through his own life in general.

Getting into the gimmick is probably the hardest part, though it is not overly difficult, and you will probably want to come up with your own way of doing that because what is shown on the video is not always going to be practical. Because of the way it works you will have to work that part into your routining and practice to make it smooth. There are loads of applications possible with this gimmick, all of which are limited only by your imagination.

After a while you will have to eventually repair the gimmick which is easy to do - it is the same procedure as making your own minus one or two other steps and it comes with the necessary material. When you run out of this material it is easily replaced with a trip to the craft store.

The ad copy is 99.99% accurate - the ad copy claims that this is sleightless. Actually, using the gimmick is sleightless and a card really does change while held by a spectator, but you will require sleights to get the gimmick in and out of play. One other nitpick- the part of the ad copy that says, "...allows you to change an indifferent card into a signed selection AT THE SPECTATOR'S FINGERTIPS & IN FULL VIEW!" To me this comes across as the spectator only holding one card which eventually changes in their hands. Not the case - In reality, they hold two cards and only one of them changes.

The DVD is very well produced with clean, clear and crisp audio and video quality. The menu is very easy to use and my only complaint is that the heavy metal between the sections is too loud, but that does not detract from the quality. Everything is very well explained and leaves no questions unanswered. The price for this is unbelievable - fantastic at just $27.00/USD - it could have easily been higher.

Watch the trailer - what you see is exactly what you get and more. If you like it, get it!

Highly recommended!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Upgrade (DVD and Gimmick) Red

Author: Weiser, Danny
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $27.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A super visual card appearance at the spectator's fingertips
Comes with handmade bicycle gimmick

UPGRADE - this incredible gimmick allows you to change an indifferent card into a signed selection AT THE SPECTATOR'S FINGERTIPS & IN FULL VIEW!

It requires no sleight of hand, is incredibly easy to use and generates a magical PUNCH far in excess of the skill required to operate it.
With the UPGRADE gimmick in your deck you will be able to make a signed selection appear to leap from the pack and instantaneously appear in the spectator's hand. It's visual, powerful, TV style magic.
Created by ingenious thinker Danny Weiser, this fantastic magical utility is something you'll always want in your pocket - ready to mindfry your audience.

Loads of applications - Card vanishes / Card transformations / Card appearances
Handcrafted gimmick in Bicycle Stock


"The spec holds this as the change happens... Let that sink in for a moment! Love, love, love it" - Alan Rorrison

"Almost made my eyeballs pop out of my head! Shockingly visual!" - Cameron Francis

"UPGRADE is the next level. It fools both yourself and your spectators." - Kevin Schaller

"Wow. I love it when magic happens in the spectator's hands. And Danny has created such a powerful moment. It looks and feels awesome. Love it!" - Stephen Leathwaite

"UPGRADE is a fantastic utility gimmick. So many possibilities! Danny is a clever thinker with a flair for the super visual. UPGRADE is a perfect example of his unique talent." - Roddy McGhie

"Danny's ideas in magic are incredible ..... Need proof? Get this!!!!" - Wayne Fox

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