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Ninja Tossed Out Deck System Review

Official Review

August 14th, 2014 4:20pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
The Tossed Out Deck is a classic piece of mentalism and can be found in the repertoire of countless working professionals. While many versions of the Tossed Out Deck have been released over the years, most use the same method David Hoy created over 50 years ago. An exception to this rule is the “Ninja Tossed Out Deck System” by Patrick Redford, an approach to the Tossed Out Deck plot with multiple methodological differences.

In the original Tossed Out Deck, a deck of cards wrapped in a rubber band is tossed to an audience member, who peeks at a card, then tosses it to another spectator who does the same. This process is repeated with several people, then the deck is tossed back to the magician, who proceeds to reveal the audience member’s selections.

That is how the effect appears to the audience. While the reality is somewhat different, the description of the effect is absolutely accurate. Mr. Redford accomplishes a very similar effect, but instead of a rubber banded deck and a peek, the deck travels from spectator to spectator in the card box and the selection process involves each audience member cutting the deck, looking at the top card, then burying their selection in the pack.

While Mr. Redford’s handling does mimic the original Tossed Out Deck, his marketing copy is a bit confusing in its claims. For example, most of the benefits he lists are also true of Hoy’s original method, which begs the question, why list those benefits? Also, while it’s true that some of the methods Mr. Redford uses don’t use a stack (unlike Hoy’s method), the main method he discusses on the DVD does require a stack, yet he claims “no stack necessary” in the advertising copy. I assume his claim that his “system” doesn’t require a stack is based on the fact that he explains several methods that don’t need one. I know marketing magic effects is a trick on it’s own, but this release is strong enough independently that it doesn’t need manipulative copy to sell more DVD’s.

The DVD begins with a performance of the effect on one spectator, ably played by magician Keith Fields. Mr. Redford then goes on to explain his basic approach and how one would perform the effect for multiple spectators. The method involves an easily constructed gimmick, which he explains how to build. (As a side note, the gimmick is versatile, devious and a great tool for magicians in general.) This section also includes multiple tips and outs that he uses to make the effect more reliable, as well as how to deal with various actions the spectators may take during the selection process.

Mr. Redford then explains versions for different scenarios, including starting with a new deck as well as when working with a shuffled deck. He has two approaches with a shuffled deck, both of which are bold but I imagine would be extremely effective. He includes more tips and outs in this section as well, to help insure the effect goes off without a hitch.

Unfortunately, the content suffers from a lack of planning and organization. The information isn’t presented as clearly as it could be and a better effort could have been made as to how to organize it. While all the information one would need is present, it’s a bit jumbled. Furthermore, sections appear in a confusing order. For example, one section begins by referencing something taught after that section. And at one point the soundtrack loudly plays over the beginning of a chapter, which screams of an amateurish approach.

As to whether this is a “better” approach than David Hoy’s original method, that’s up to the individual to determine. While there are things that can go wrong in Hoy’s approach that can’t happen in Mr. Redford’s, there are things that can go wrong in his version that could never happen in Hoy’s. The highlights for me were actually the impromptu methods, which would be difficult to use to accomplish the same effect of the Tossed Out Deck in a stage show, but as a separate effect, would be mind blowing.

At its heart, the “Ninja Tossed Out Deck System” is good resource for clever alternative methods and approaches for a “think a card” effect, as well as handlings that allow one to perform the effect in varying circumstances. While not the “Holy Grail” of Tossed Out Deck methods, the number of ideas and tips, plus the variety of content, will be of practical interest to anyone interested in the “think a card” genre.

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Author: Redford, Patrick
Publisher: George Tait
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"If you want to tell people what cards they're thinking of under the most strict looking conditions... you need the Ninja Tossed-Out Deck System." - Patrick G Redford

The Tossed-Out Deck System Involves:

  • No Breathers
  • No Short Cards
  • No Long Cards
  • No Marked Cards
  • No Deck Switches
  • No Alterations to the Cards of any kind
  • No Memory Work
  • No Fishing
  • No Stack Necessary

All 52 cards are present and accounted for.

Secretly set the whole system right in front of your audience with a borrowed deck of cards!

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