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Gidrah Review

July 26th, 2014 12:04am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson




This is an impromptu mentalism demonstration. By impromptu, I mean it uses regular props and appears impromptu. One of the props is prepared in advance, taking just a few minutes. Don’t confuse impromptu with borrowed objects. You will need a prop that is readily available at any office supply store.

It uses an old principle with some very clever thoughts that address some problems with the principle. The principle is described using a very strong routine that involves three people and the revelation of three dreams. There is no fishing and no pre-work.

The teaching is very good, and the routine is very well thought out. In the bonus section, I have one comment that I think makes the routine they teach potentially better, and then I have another routine idea.


This routine is suitable for close-up, parlor, or stage. It packs very flat, but it is not really suited for on-the-fly reset. If you were performing this close-up, perhaps you could have multiple props ready and you could likely have it set up twice on one prop, one from the front, and one from the back. If you used smallish props, you could have three props ready and get six performances from them. It would take you just a few minutes to reset.


The routine they teach is really awesome! It is a perfect premise for this method. The routine involves three spectators and three dreams they have had. If you get the effect, I have one suggestion. When he writes on the unfolded sheet of paper, to me that portion of the routine doesn’t make sense. Instead of writing what he does, I would suggest you write three future dreams as a prediction of the future. The routine is all about you seeing past dreams they have had, it makes perfect sense to write, on the sheet that is critical for the method of the effect, a prediction of future dreams.

Here is an idea for another sort of routine, given the same principle and handling. I try to come up with routines that engage the audience and provide humorous moments. I also frequently think about words that are just unusual. I find many words, the more I think about them, the more humorous they seem. For example, the word “sandwich”. What is that? Why does the word involve “sand” and apparently a “witch”? Another weird word is “liquor”. Where did that come from? If you repeat it over and over, it starts to really sound awkward. “Liquor, liquor, lick or, lick er, lick her.” What is that about? So, the premise of the routine is to do a bit of stand-up comedy about weird words and then ask audience members to think of a word that just seems weird to them. Ask them to keep it to themselves, but to come up on stage or to the front of the room with their weird word in mind. I like to have a bit of fun with them and talk about how it is easiest for me to read weird people’s minds. Then, do the routine, but using their weird words instead of their dreams. During the performance, I use both drawings and words in the revelations. I also milk the back and forth banter with the participants over why they think their word is weird. Sometimes people will describe unusual past experiences with their “weird” word. Because of the premise of the routine, depending on the audinece, it can come across anywhere from funny to hilarious!

Happy magic trails.

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Author: Dan Huffman
Publisher: Patrick Redford
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Gidrah by Dan Huffman presented by Patrick Redford (Instant Download) Psychological magic at its FINEST. Read dreams, minds, seemingly infinite possibilities.

Gidrah by Dan Huffman presented by Patrick Redford (Instant Download) Psychological magic at its FINEST. Read dreams, minds, seemingly infinite possibilities. START LEARNING INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Psychological magic at its FINEST

"Groundbreaking." -Patrick Redford

"You can't go wrong with Gidrah" -Linking Ring Magazine

"One of the deep thinkers in Magic" -Phil Reda

"A profound thinker in the art of mentalism" -nboisen

Reading someone's DREAMS is one of the most intimate experiences you can create as a mind-reader. It can be surprisingly powerful, but without the right mentor, it can easily fall flat.

Few people can read-minds as well as Patrick Redford. So we were THRILLED when he offered to share his presentation for Gidrah. A beautiful effect that has achieved underground cult status. It's a secret guarded tightly by top pros.

You're going to love this.

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