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Time is Money Review

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July 16th, 2014 8:58am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This was an interesting DVD because watching the trailer you saw some really cool looking effects with bills that look impossible. What you see is exactly what they look like in performance.

You get a DVD with a mixed quality of production values, a pre-made gimmick, some extra stuff to make a spare gimmick and for what it is, a quality piece of paper with another "gimmick" printed on it. Also, the extra something that you receive to make a second gimmick will be familiar to most magicians and is easily obtained if you need more.

The ad copy and trailer are spot on.

First to get it out of the way, the menu of the DVD is very well laid out and each of the three effects plus the routine demo has its own sub-menu. The sub menus are laid out into chapters which are all very easy to navigate and use, but there is no 'Play All' button. You have to click on each section and watch it, after which it takes you back to the sub menu where you can click the next section and go on. I was fine with this because it did not take you back to the main menu every time but back to the menu you started in - some may find it annoying but I did not.

That said, the teaching portions of the DVD are great - everything was clearly explained and easy to understand. Seol spoke Korean and there were very, very well-done English subtitles in each section. There is one effect that requires a bit more arts and crafts but once you make the gimmick, it will last a long time and while it is rather easy to make if you take your time, it can be tricky. There is another gimmick that has to be made and that piece of quality printed paper I mentioned earlier is not really meant to be used, but rather to show you what that gimmick should look like when you use your own currency to make it. This second gimmick is also not difficult to make.

Now for the production quality: The sound and the lighting was great and the explanation section for each effect shows a one-on-one view, and each has its own over-the-shoulder shot to help clarify. For some reason, the video in the one-on-one shots were rather grainy but you could still see everything except small details. The over-the-shoulder shots were nice and clear. The section where he teaches how to make the main gimmick is also very clear. The audio was good and the music was not too loud.

The bill change that you see in the trailer is not gimmicked at all and everything on this DVD can be made to work with your own currency. While it is true that all of these methods and effects can be done close-up and in live performance, there are no live performances on the DVD, only studio performances.

Time to Change is easy to do and requires minimal setup, but it is very visual and not gimmicked at all. At the end, you can hand out the changed bill for examination.

Bounty is a very nice restoration effect where you tear one half of the bill off and get rid of it, then restore that half one quarter at a time. The last quarter visually pops into view - surprising and magical. This is a gimmicked effect and unless you are using this for TV or on stage, it may not be practical for everyone because without some routining, it cannot be handed out for examination.

Take Back is a different way to do the old bill transposition. This is the effect that uses the aforementioned gimmick that looks like the "printed" one that comes with the DVD. It is very clean and magical and at one point has a very nice Jay Sankey "Paper-Clipped" moment.

Last, you get a performance of all the effects in a routine, then he briefly walks through how to set it up and perform it. This is a short section since you already know how to perform them by this point. There is a fair bit of crediting as well as a thank-you section at the end of the DVD.

Though you do get a nicely hand-made gimmick with this DVD and some extra material to make another, I think because of the mixed production quality and lack of other effects to use the gimmick(s) with, the price point is a bit too high. This combination of things is was led to the 3.5 star rating, though the effects are very visual and magical.

If you like the visual nature of what you see in the trailer I think you will be happy with this or at least find a use for it. Once you make the gimmicks you can carry them around with you and be ready to go and even without any gimmicks, you will have a strong bill change ready to go at any time.

3.5 stars and it gets my recommendation if you think you might use it.

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Author: Park, Seol
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I saw it right before my eyes and I could not work out how it was done. This is no trickery, it's true sorcery.
Mr. Maric

Revolutionary Bill Magic with Extreme Visuals
Time is Money comes with a special gimmick, and the Explanation in English on the DVD. As well as a SAMPLE Gimmick (US Currency Bill) that you can customize with your countries currency easily.

Time To Change - A visual bill change that you can hand out to the audience immediately.
Bounty - The Ultimate Bill restoration that anyone can easy perform.
Take Back - A miraculous transposition routine in the spectators hands.

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