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Chocolate Coin Review

Official Review

July 28th, 2014 2:00am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Finally! Here is something that takes the old (by now) premise of biting a coin and spitting the piece back on to restore it and gives it a real justification!

I always liked the idea and the visual nature of the coin bite but I never did it for a number of reasons. 1) Every magician and his sibling was (and still are) doing it. 2) This is the biggest one for me: Who borrows a quarter and puts it into their mouth to do whatever to it? Do you have any idea what is on that coin?! I would NOT want to know where it has been or where the hands that have touched it have been, let alone put it in my mouth... 3) Why would you bite a metal object with your teeth and then restore it? In my mind I think it would be more impressive that if you could do that, it would be more fascinating to leave the object in that impossible state.

I will not go on too much more because the effect is nothing different than that, except for a few small details.

Short and sweet ad copy and because of that, it is in fact 100% accurate.

What you get is a short DVD that is well-produced with great audio and video quality. Herman is the host and does an excellent job of teaching the effect from set-up to finish. There are also live performances on the DVD.

You also receive the necessary items, including the familiar gimmick, two replacement "things" and a small bunch of foil circles or in this context, "wrappers".

The gimmick is quite well-made for being in a $30 package. Unlike the traditional coins of its type, this one only has one cut as opposed to two. It also has one side that is coated with a chocolate-looking paint to give it the effect of looking like a chocolate coin.

The other difference in this effect is that you perform not only the biting and restoring of a chocolate coin, but you transform the borrowed quarter into the foil-wrapped chocolate coin, then at the end you "seal" it back up and it changes back into the borrowed quarter.

One small nit-pick: With my particular gimmick I had to add some coloration to certain edges to help hide the cut better because if my coin caught any glare from lights, it was very obvious. After my additional corrections, it was hardly noticeable. I understand why they did not do what I did, but I still think there is something they could have done. No big deal to me personally, just a thought.

Also, the chocolate-colored paint is very even but very glossy. I would suggest you find a way to dull the finish to make it look more authentic - most chocolate coins are not that shiny right out of their wrappers but rather matte. Use your own technique to dull the finish but make sure you do not use abrasive materials. Personally I used a brown Crayola marker and some model railroading supplies to dull the finish quite nicely.

The one thing they did not cover on the DVD which should have been on there was how to repair the gimmick if it should break. It is not hard to do, but there is a proper technique to it. The only other complaint I really have is that the "groove" is not as deep as it should be. I usually like to "double up" on the special something for security but this coin does not allow for that. If you have ever worked with gimmicks of this type, you will know what I mean.

One quick side note: Users of the traditional coin bite gimmick will remember being able to use those coins for a Coin in Bottle effect. You cannot do that with the Chocolate Coin.

The foil "wrappers" you get are thin aluminum foil circles as opposed to whole wrappers. They are barely bigger than the coin gimmick so you will have to keep them attached at the bottom via a piece of double-stick tape, re-positionable glue or other some such non-permanent/light tack adhesive. If you have a circular punch (such as those used for cutting circular pieces of paper for scrapbooking) you can make your own replacement "wrappers" with a thicker kitchen foil if you run out.

This is very easy to perform but it will take a little bit of practice to get the flow to where it should be - more finesse than anything else.

The gimmick is only made with a U.S. Quarter-Dollar coin but they claim that you can really use any silver coin of similar size from any country and perform the effect. I think this is true because they are not really looking at the coin closely enough to determine whether it is the right type or not. With proper audience management, before they get that chance you are restoring the coin and the wrapper, changing it back to their coin and giving it back.

If you like the traditional coin bite or if you have never done the traditional coin bite and like what you see in the trailer, you will not be disappointed with this. Well-done!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Chocolate Coin

Author: Tsai, Will
Publisher: SM Productionz
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Chocolate Coin is a cute and fun twist to the popular coin bite effect.
You can turn any borrowed coin into chocolate coin, bite it and visually restore it. It will get you crazy reaction. Everyone loves it and we know you will too.

Full gimmick set included, gimmick made in US Quarter size. Any silver color coin from your region with similar size to US Quarter will work with this gimmick

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