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New York Coin Seminar Volume 11: Workers Review

Official Review

July 4th, 2014 5:47am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
I am not sure why so many people trash the NYCS videos - it might be a matter of having to be a regular coin worker or "coin guy" to appreciate what is shared on these videos. Who knows?

On this particular disc you will find Roth, Rubinstein and Gallo (Mike - not his father, John) and a few others. All of these coin workers share a routine or two for various situations and venues.

I will not give any explanations of the effects here because that is all in the ad copy, which is 100% accurate and everything that it states is on the DVD. What I will do is cover a few brief pointers on the routines given.

The Wishing Well is a great opening production of four coins, but it can also be used to produce just three or even two. Very versatile and its angles are very good.

Tallahassee Jumping Coins is very nice, short and sweet. You will have to practice this to work on the flow - it can be a little knacky for some but not necessarily for everyone.

Deja Vu Coin Vanish has some nice moments, but the key to the deception with this one is attention management and flow with the action and script.

Okito Rocks is one of my favorite coin box routines - I changed a few of the switches to suit my mannerisms but this is a great piece for stand-up as well as any sit-down show.

The World Famous Two Coin Trick is an interesting blend of a pseudo-Two-in-the-Hand/One-in-the-Pocket plot and a coin production with a little sprinkle of travelling coins. This is not for everyone and it is better as an intermediary piece rather than a stand-alone effect.

Four Coins to a Cup is a classic Roth effect from his book 'Expert Coin Magic' by Richard Kaufman. It is expertly routined, very clean and deceptive and is one of my favorite effects within the travelling coin plot.

Chop Stick Wild Coin is a great and simple wild coin effect with some nice display sequences using a chop stick and a Chinese coin. If you know how to work out a handling, this can be done as a walk-around piece as well.

The Three Coin Vanish is exactly that and uses a fantastic idea that David had been sitting on for a long time. I had seen him work with this particular item in person in many shows but never thought about it...until now! I personally like to combine this with a comical coin counting effect (also in the Roth book).

Deep Palms Coins Across is a nice combination of old sleights and one slightly newer idea from Homer Liwag on his CoinONE DVD. This one is best done with a small group of people close to you, supposing you perform it exactly the way it is taught.

The Two Coin Classic is a clean transposition between two contrasting coins. As Doug points out, this is better as part of another effect or routine because it is so short.

Nickel Head is an old, old idea in magic and you might remember seeing these for sale in magic shops as they were a very popular item. Scotty used them all the time at the bar to great effect! These are great in all venues, easy to make a bunch of your own and as long as you are not giving it to a small child, they make great giveaways!

Differences is another transposition that is good for most venues, but there is one moment you have to watch your angles a tad. Still a very clean, visual and relatively easy effect. The transposition itself is almost instantaneous - nice eye candy.

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees is a nice take on an old principle in magic. This is a great opening but at a couple of points there are angle issues, but if you do not like those particular points, you can switch them out for a different method. A great premise for the production of "three" coins.

The Bonus section has a worthwhile discussion on the Stealth Palm by Michael Rubinstein and he does a great job teaching the little subtleties for this great move.

Mike Gallo returns for two more great effects: His very deceptive and very surprising take on a classic David Roth effect called 'The Hanging Coins' - if you know or use the Roth method, this will catch you off-guard and it will fool you! He also shows a very deceptive Coins to Spectator's Hand. I like this because in my mind it is as strong as the Liwag CoinONE handling but uses a spectator, making it even stronger. Both routines are very well-taught.

David Roth closes out the bonus section with an in-depth discussion about the open servante - again a very strong and powerful tool if you use it correctly. I have been using this for a while myself and it is a killer tool!

There are a few promo clips of other NYCS volumes in the bonus section as well.

The menu is very nicely laid out and you have the option of playing all the performances straight through, or you can choose to see them one at a time. The explanations can only be played one at a time and after each explanation it takes you right back to the main menu. This was a bit surprising and only a tad annoying, but it did not really bother me. In the Bonus section you are given the option to play all at once or one at a time.

Most of these videos were taped with VHS equipment and they have very good lighting, the pictures are clean and crisp and the audio is good and clear, but in my own opinion I think the volume could have been just a teeny bit louder. For the content of the disc the $35 price tag is fair.

This DVD will give you plenty of things to practice and if you are looking for coin material that is what I call venue-versatile, meaning it can be easily used/adapted to various venues, then you will enjoy this DVD and you will find plenty of ideas.

Highly recommended!

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Manufacturer's Description:

Volume 11, WORKERS, contains two hours of over 13 incredible routines by todays top coin workers. Dr. Michael Rubinstein leads off with three workers from his vast repertoire. The Wishing Well is a wonderful, 4 coin production, with a story that reels in your audience. Tallahassee Jumping Coins is a three coin non gaffed coins across, with the last coin impossibly traveling to the spectator's closed fist! Deja Vu Coin Vanish is a three coin vanish done twice, the second being instantaneous!

Mike Gallo is up next with two incredible routines. Okito Rocks will blow away your spectators as coins travel and change under impossible circumstances. The World Famous Two Coin Trick will prove that two coins are never enough!

All of these are good, but the biggest news is that on this DVD, David Roth gives up a Secret he has kept quiet for over 15 years! He explains this secret, a useful tool for all stand up coin workers, in three routines: Coins to Cup, Chop Stick Wild Coin, and the Three Coin Vanish. This technique fried the guys at the last Seminar, and all were sworn to secrecy until the release of these DVD's!!

Rounding out the main section are contributions from our seminar guests. Deep Palms Coins Across is offered by Eric DeCamps. Doug Brewer fools the guys all the time with Two Coin Classic. Scotty York attaches a nickel to his head at his bar with Nickel Head, and now you can do it as well! Scott Robinson explains why all coin magic is Not the same with Differences. Rounding out this section is Bill Citino's wonderful opener, Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.

The BONUS section contains two more worker routines by Gallo, a discussion of Stealth palm by Rubinstein, and further insight into Roth's Secret.

Running Time: Approximately 120mins

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