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Master Course Sponge Balls Vol. 3 Review

Official Review

June 15th, 2014 2:24am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
*Since it is not mentioned in any of the ad copies, I want to mention that the singular DVD called "The Essentials in Magic: Sponge Balls" by Daryl, while not part of this four disc Master Course, it is the precursor to them. It teaches the foundations of all the sponge ball work on these four volumes and is especially aimed at the beginners, but even more advanced magicians might still find valuable information on it. I will review that DVD in another review altogether.*

I will open with what has become almost a cliche statement among magicians in regards to sponge ball magic: You either love sponge balls (or sponge products) or you hate them. I love them and always have - there is so much material you can do with sponges if you just use your imagination!

This DVD begins with the option of watching it in English, Spanish or Japanese. The menu for each language is laid out very nicely - each has a Play All button, or you can watch each individual chapter as you like. In this third disc, there are 23 chapters to explore that cover the use of different gimmicks, how to pick and choose effects and methods, various types of productions and vanishes, performance considerations and more.

After he teaches you how to do certain moves and sleights and other ideas - the building blocks - he shows you different routines that make use of them and how to develop your own routines around them. This is a great way to progress through the learning process and each of the volumes is a gradual progression of more and more advanced techniques and ideas. This disc runs about 80 minutes.

The contents of this volume (#3) by chapter are:

Ball from Straw
Florida Ice Cream Cone
Mark Leverage's Ball Production
Sponge Ball Box
Who Order the Spaghetti?
Bonus Info: Handling Spectators
The Jack Chanin Production
Keeping the Balls in View
A Combined Routine
Combined Routine Preparation
Improved Goshman Routine
Where did all the Sponge Balls come from?
The 50 Sponge Balls
Bonus Info: Cutting Sponge Balls
Papa Rabbit Hits the Big Time
Papa Rabbit Explanation
Benson Bowl Routine
Final Thoughts

Some years ago Daryl marketed his very popular sponge bunny routine called Papa Rabbit Hits the Big Time, which as of this writing is still available on its own with the props for $14.95/USD. You will not only see the performance from the L&L production but Daryl was also kind enough to explain the routine on this volume!

Daryl is and has long been considered one of the best and most requested teachers in magic - this DVD shows you exactly why! He not only teaches the basic ideas/theory of each move/sleight/idea, but he also gives you pointers on how to practice them, different variations to perform and even when to use or not to use them, and why. His crediting and history of the items presented is phenomenal!

This DVD is packed with lots of material. I have been performing sponge ball magic for a long time and it is one of my favorite things to do. I have read a lot of books and routines and watched a lot of sponge ball DVDs and even I have found some new ideas on here that I am going to use!

The production quality of this disc is absolutely stellar - the camera work was very professional and studio-quality, there were multiple shots used, the sound was very crisp and clear, the material was extremely well-taught (after all, it is Daryl!) and made very clear and very easy to understand. Also, the menu as I mentioned is well laid out and very easy to use. Each of these four volumes comes in a slim DVD case with very cool artwork on the cover. Each case tells you which volume it is by number, but the artwork on the case as well as on the DVD itself has a subtle way of telling you which volume you are holding/watching -just a cool little something I noticed!

The only negative I could think of on this disc was that for some of the work, an overhead shot would have been nice but is not really necessary and it does not in any way detract from the teaching quality, or the ability to learn the material.

The ad copy is 100% accurate. This is one of the best resources for sponge ball magic that I have ever seen and the price is great - for what you pay you are getting a lot of usable ideas and material.

VERY highly recommended!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Master Course Sponge Balls Vol. 3

Author: Easton, Daryl
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Sponge Ball Magic always mystifies and delights audiences whenever it is performed and has become an essential element for magicians worldwide.

Now, renowned Master Magician, DARYL, brings you the first and last word on the subject with the 4 Volume, Essentials in Magic, Master Course on Sponge Balls.

  • Productions
  • Bonus Information: Handling Spectators
  • The Jack Chanin Production
  • Vanishes
  • Routines
  • Papa Rabbit hits the Big Time
  • Benson Bowl Routine

This is a complete and comprehensive tutorial on Sponge Balls, using step-by-step instruction to teach you everything from entry-level tricks to the most advanced routines. Classic sleight of hand skills, props and techniques are all explained in the thorough detail previously only obtained with private lessons.

DARYL brings decades of experience and an easy-to-understand teaching style in a multi-camera production designed to show you everything you need to know with the Essentials in Magic, Master Course in Sponge Ball Magic.

Additional Audio Tracks:
Available in Japanese
disponible en español

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