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Movie, The: Tricks and Fiction from the Road DVD Review

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August 29th, 2003 4:20pm
Reviewed by David Acer
It's rare that you hear the words "wacky" and "German" in the same sentence, but somehow, The Flicking Fingers manage to embody both. An enormously talented group of magical innovators and performers, The Fingers frequently tour together, and this time, they've invited anyone with $65 U.S. along for the ride. I can tell you, it's worth the trip.

The Movie (named in the tradition of their first book, The Book, one of the best collections of new magic to come out in the last ten years) is absolutely overflowing with terrific tricks, all presented and explained in a hugely entertaining fashion (for example, when Rainer Pfeiffer refuses to tip the work on his copper/silver transposition, the group buys him shots until he passes out, then pilfers the method from his notebook). There is simply TOO MUCH on here to describe everything, but, in addition to watching these gentlemen perform casually for each other in pubs, minivans, restaurants, and the like, you also get to see them in front of large, live audiences, AND you get bonus footage, AND you get to see five F.I.S.M. acts, AND MORE!

The lecture material includes Thomas Fraps's A Face In The Case (Marlo's Card to Card Case on steroids), Manuel Muerte's The Cap, The Coin and The Marker (Williamson's Coin in Pen Cap on steroids), Rainer Pfeiffer's Keep The Change (a copper/silver transposition on steroids)... Okay, lots of classic plots on steroids. But in each case, the artists have enriched the plots, creating new and interesting sequences, upgrading the methods, and, in most cases, developing unique presentations.

There are some new plots as well. For example, Pit Hartling's Back To The Future will have you finding a chosen card before it has been selected, and Jorg Willich's Gummi Bear Penetration will have you causing a gummi bear to pass through the side of a wine glass, actually stopping halfway so you can see the magic as it happens!

Other close-up effects include Hartling's Souvenir From Chinatown, a beautiful copper/silver transposition between your hands and a spectator's (this might just be the best I've ever seen of the genre); Pfeiffer's Snapshot, a permanent, Weber-style linking-rubber-band effect that allows for the link to take place in the spectator's hands; Willich's Inertia, an insanely practical approach to Sawa's Heavy Ink (Sawa's Library of Magic, Vol. I, Kaufman, 1988), wherein the printing on your business card gets shunted over to one corner when you shake it.

Finally, several full-scale platform routines are taught (this is a rare treat), including Jorg Alexander's Burned-Out, a lovely, Burger-like revelation of two selected cards using fire, ashes, and some very direct (but effective) handling. Thomas Fraps's Cognitive Orange Juice, a beautiful approach to casually, unexpectedly producing a full glass of orange juice on stage; and Stephan Kirschbaum's A Rose Is A Rose, a routined series of silk transpositions that culminate in the production of a rose for the assisting spectator.

There are a great many more routines I could single out from this collection, but in the end, I am interested in communicating only one thing - very few magic videos and/or DVDs are equal parts entertaining, inspiring and educational. The Movie accomplishes all these things, and more. My advice is to buy it.

David Acer

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Author: Flicking Fingers
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Over 3 1/2 Hours of Mind-Blowing Magic!

In October 2002 the ten-man team of Germany's best close-up magicians known as "The Flicking Fingers" set out on a ten-day tour for a number of public shows and convention appearances. Lucky for us, they were accompanied by a professional film crew and the result is The Flicking Fingers Movie-a DVD like no other you have ever seen.

Follow the Flicking Fingers on their incredibly entertaining European road trip. Meet the goofy Gisbert and Gimmick-Man, watch magic TV ads and many more surprises! The Movie contains over 20 terrific routines, tricks, and moves showcased in a 2 1/2 hour road movie including the most entertaining explanations ever seen on a magic DVD and one hour of bonus materials like: the FISM acts of Pit Hartling, Jorg Alexander, Nicolai Friedrich, Thomas Fraps and more, plus out-takes, trailers and much more.

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