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Dual Control Review

April 4th, 2014 8:34pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This concept is not new at all, but this video definitely updates some of the finer points in setting it up and the way you get into it.

Right off the bat you should know that you get enough material with the disc to set up one jacket, however, more of the same material is easily sourced for less than $3.00/USD to make up more than one jacket.

Michael does an excellent job in showing you how to measure for your own needs and how to install your gimmick. He came up with a good way for you to see everything clearly.

Although you might consider Chris Harding a student of Michael Vincent (he appears in many of his DVDs), I think they went about the installation and explanation section the correct way: Chris was not primed before filming on how to set up, install, get into and use the gimmick in any way. In that aspect, he was learning at the same time as the viewer and because of that, he asked questions that most others would have in each of those aspects.

Using the gimmick is not difficult at all and the possibilities are limitless. In my opinion the magnetized pencils and the rising cards with the borrowed deck are probably the most powerful things you can do with this device, BUT...

For one particular reason, you may not want to do the rising card with a borrowed deck, and that is all I can really say without tipping anything. If you watch the disc and try it out yourself, you will understand. Of course, with a bit of adjustment while you are measuring the material for your gimmick, you might be able to reduce the possibility of this "something" happening. That said, my two absolute favorite uses are the Magnetized Cards and a wand suspension, or a plastic/wood chopstick suspension.

The DVD is easy to follow, the production quality is typical of Alakazam, as is the audio - which is to say very good.

Many will complain that you must wear a jacket for using this device. So what? If you set it up in multiple coats, you will have something very useful at the ready any time you want it, and when you are not using it, it stays very much out of the way.

If this is something that would suit an effect or a routine that you already do or that would supplement your repertoire well, I recommend checking this out.

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Author: Michael Vincent
Publisher: Alakazam Magic
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Retail Price: $24.50
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The Dual Control gimmick has been synonymous with seemingly impromptu suspensions and close up animations for many years but in recent years has been overlooked by many modern day performers....Until now!!

Michael Vincent is back to bring you the most detailed look at this fabulous utility gimmick to date and after years of using and refining the technique and uses of the Dual Control gimmick, you can be sure that this is the definitive work on DVD.

In his third Alakazam Magic release, Michael is joined once again by Chris Harding to not only show you exactly how to construct the gimmick and discuss its basic uses but in addition, you will also learn several high-calibre effects that will have you creating miracles with the Dual Control system in no time at all and really fire up your imagination.

Perform the classic magnetised cards with a regular, borrowed deck. Learn the wonderful pencils suspension and also what we consider to be one of the finest ways to open at a restaurant or banquet table with perfect motivation and set the mood of magic straight away with Michael's own personal opener - the spoon suspension - which is discussed in full detail within this context and how you too can use it to introduce yourself, establish your credentials as a magician and create a wonderful moment of magic immediately.

Another highlight of this project is that you will get to learn possibly the greatest version of the rising card ever! Michael shares the full method and presentation, along with all his tips and subtleties, on Alan Alan's legendary rising card trick that is performed with a regular, borrowed deck! This masterpiece is as powerful on stage as it is in close up and as a bonus on the DVD, you will get a rare opportunity to see Alan Alan performing the routine, live on stage at the world famous Magic Circle in London, England.

The package comes complete with everything needed to construct the Dual Control gimmick and also includes the detailed instructional DVD that runs for over an hour and will take you step by step through the construction process, lots of tips and advice on using your Dual Control gimmick as well as full routines that you will be performing in no time! All taught in the inimitable, relaxed, charming and detailed style that has become synonymous with The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent series.

So sit back and get ready for Alan Alan's Dual Control REVISITED with Michael Vincent!

Perform seemingly impromptu miracles!

The rising card... With a borrowed deck!

The magnetised cards

Spoon suspension opener

The pencils

Create miracle suspensions with borrowed objects

Start clean... End clean!

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