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Void (Red) Review

February 21st, 2014 4:57pm
Reviewed by Frank Tougas
When I was a young budding magician I would pour through catalog descriptions dreaming of the perfect trick for me to spend my decidedly limited finances on. About eight out of ten times I was disappointed with what I got. The catalog description was so much better than the actual trick. Things have not changed much except now you “see” the trick presented via video. The eight of ten however has not changed and so it is with Void.

The biggest part of the illusion is what you think you are going to get compared to what it actually is, is like night and day. I should have seen the first red flag when the boys on world magic review did not demo the trick as it may give away the method. Yet both gave it a rating in the mid to high 90% The signature trick does not play the way the video suggests and to add insult can not be performed at all unless you invest in a blank face deck “ not included. Truth be told it is an okay trick, but not a great trick. And certainly not the trick they suggest in their “catalog’ description. All in all “ disappointing.
Especially at over thirty dollars.

Product info for Void (Red)

Author: Skulkor
Publisher: Skulkor
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

What if you could plant an idea in someone's head, giving them memories and create reality?

Have the spectator choose a card, and holding on to it so no one can tamper with it. The moment you pull the information out of their mind, the card turns into a blank card...and so does the rest of the deck!

The human mind is fragile, there's a fine line between imagination and reality.

This is exactly what Void does.

It alters the very fabric of reality that your spectator believes.

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