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Plus Wallet (Large) Review

February 12th, 2014 4:36am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
A few things to get out of the way first (nothing bad):

It took me quite a bit of searching to find this product listing on this website. For some reason it does not come up under any searches for "Jerry O'Connell" or "JOL" or "Card to Wallet". For the information of any/all readers, this is the JOL Plus Wallet (Large).

Second: When this product was added to this website it may or may not have been more widely available in the U.S., but as of this writing (06 of 02 of 2014) it is only available from Craig Dickson of Wizard Craft Magic.

Third: The current price (again as of this writing) is $120.00/USD - that is also the current price for the Small version. That price does NOT include shipping.

This wallet is absolutely beautiful and is very well-made, as with all other products from Jerry O'Connell. If you have ever used and liked his products in the past, you will really like this one too. For years many people have considered the JOL wallets to be among the best available, and for very good reason.

The ad copy is very accurate and the wallet can do everything it says, and oh so much more! This is truly limited only by your imagination. It comes with a DVD on which Craig Dickson teaches you about the wallet and shows you how to use the various features, as well as giving you some extra ideas for the included accessories.

The DVD has some PDF files on it that may or may not work on your computer - I had a couple that did not print out correctly for me no matter what I tried. If you have an issue with the disc, you can always contact Craig Dickson and you can also visit the official Jerry O'Connell website, which has a huge selection of extra effects, routines and handling tips on it for all of his wallet/product owners. That site includes the PDFs that are on the included disc.

I chose this particular wallet size for various reasons. The first is because I often work with a suit jacket or pocketed waistcoat on, and I work in venues where that is more of the norm. This wallet fits well in that context.

This wallet is a pocket secretary-type wallet, which means that if you put money in it, you leave it flat. This also plays to a few effects that I perform.

Second, I can perform the Card to Wallet with or without a sealed envelope feature. It also allows a virtually sleight-less version of Card to Zippered Compartment, which is very easy to do (utilizing the No-Palm feature).

The ID case that comes with the wallet matches the look and quality of the rest of the wallet, and is an excellent stand-in for a sealed envelope. In fact I find myself using the ID case more often because it is very easy to reset and the audience can handle the it freely. Once you get proficient, you can even reset it in front of your audience for a repeat if you have good time and audience management skills.

The Wonder Unit is an interesting tool that allows for mentalism-style effects, such as predictions, Confabulation effects, duplication of drawings, etc. There are some very strong possibilities in using this thing! Craig also gives you a great way to hand out your business card using this accessory!

This wallet even has a completely natural and very easy to use 'peek' feature built right into it and Craig goes into that a little bit on the disc.

The whole wallet has plenty of slots for playing/credit cards, bank notes, business cards, etc.

One thing the reader must understand is that this style of wallet is meant to be carried in an inside jacket pocket or other similar spots - it is not really meant for carrying it in your rear pants pocket the way a traditional wallet (bi-fold, tri-fold, etc.) is.

If your pants have deeper back pockets, it is entirely possible to carry it in them, but it is not a very handy place for this type of wallet if you are going to be using it repeatedly throughout an evening of magic performance. Again this is purely because of the style and size of the wallet.

If you have a use for this style of wallet, you will get lots of use out of this one. If not, there are other similar wallets of different sizes available from JOL that will suit your needs.

If you have ever wanted a wallet with one or all of the above features and then some and you want one that is very high-quality and well-made, this wallet is for you!

Highly recommended!

Product info for Plus Wallet (Large)

Author: Jerry O'Connell
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $125.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

This wallet is way ahead of any wallet in the magic world today. Not only is it a practical wallet, equipped to cater for all your everyday needs, it will also perform all the following effects too: "Card to Wallet" "Card to Sealed Envelope" "Card to ID Case" and even more effects using the "No Palm Feature". All these wonderful effects are cleverly built into the design and will not hinder the wallets everyday use. Removing everything from the zip compartment makes these effects even more stunning and magical.

Everything a magician needs is in this wallet which has been carefully thought out to work without needing a lot of skill.

Included with Wallet:

ID Case - An accessory for the Plus wallets, it fits over the chute tongues, is used instead of an envelope.

Wonder Unit - A small note pad which fits easily into the Plus Wallets to add more stunning effects such as Confabulation and Predicta Lottery Ticket.

Bonus DVD - Basic instructions for Plus Wallet and No Palm Wallet. Also contains PDF files to envelope templates and instructions.

Made from genuine leather.

Plus Wallet (Large) Dimensions Approximately 6 3/4" x 4" (17cm x 10cm)
ID Case Dimensions Approximately 3" x 4" (7.5cm x 10cm)
Wonder Unit Dimensions Approximately 2 1/4" x 3 3/4" (5.75cm x 9.5cm)

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