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The Multiple Revelation Project Review

Official Review

September 25th, 2013 12:40am
Reviewed by James Sanden
The Multiple Selection Project is a 2 DVD set by Andi Gladwin and Rob James covering their approach to the classic effect of finding not one, but a large number of cards selected by the audience. Many authors have tackled the plot and shared their approach, most notably Doc Eason and Paul Cummins, two modern masters who co-wrote Fusillade, a treatise on the multiple selection. The effect is fantastic (one that I almost always close with) and, when done well, includes spectacle, variety, drama and comedy, all in one roller coaster ride of a routine.

The DVD set begins with performances by Mr. Gladwin and Mr. James, demonstrating their approach to the routine. They then breakdown the effect into sections: the introduction, having cards selected, controlling them, convincing the audience they are lost, the revelations and then the final climax of the routine. They expand on each section, discussing tips and ideas to make the trick more effective, including ideas on speeding up the selection process (including several different controls), the importance of building the effect in the audience’s mind, the effective use of forces and convincing the audience that the selections are truly lost in the deck.

The authors also spend a good deal of time discussing the idea of improvisation and creating unique performances. Even if the performer uses the same set of revelations, finding the selections out of order, incorporating the environment or audience comments and thinking on the fly create a powerful effect on the spectators, not to mention making it a very exciting approach for a magician who does the same tricks over and over again. But they don’t just mention this as an approach. They also provide a number of concrete examples of ideas and strategies anyone can incorporate in their own routine to make it more improvisational. Any performer who takes this section to heart will immediately find a huge difference in the impact of their magic.

They go on to cover presentational approaches, several different ways to end the routine, good venues for the effect, and a variety of other useful tips and techniques, clearly garnered from a great deal of experience performing the effect. Last on the first disc, they provide a basic, if somewhat simple, routine for someone who has never performed the multiple selection so that they can dip their toes in the water, so to speak.

Then come the revelations. While this doesn’t (and couldn’t) include even all the best revelations in the world, it does provide a broad menu of fantastic reveals to choose from. They range in difficulty, allowing one to choose revelations based on ability, but they also categorize them by effect so that the performer can make sure to vary the way the cards are revealed. A nice addition to this portion of the disc are sections on both comic reveals as well as ways to use duplicates (of forced cards) that allow for some stunning revelations. The explanations for many of these revelations also include tips and the real work that will make learning these techniques a lot easier.

If that weren’t enough, the DVD set comes with a booklet that includes additional information, as well as expanding on or emphasizing points made on the DVD. There are sections on the history of the routine, jazzing, selections, revelations, as well as their top ten tips and additional credits. They even include a revelations chart, an extremely useful tool that lists all the revelations by their ideal audience, difficultly level as well as strength of effect.

The Multiple Revelation Project is a great resource for both someone who has never tried the effect, as well as for performers who do it all the time. For those with no experience, all the basics are covered, including how to perform it effectively as well as offering a number of introductory revelations. For the experienced magician advanced ideas are given, as well as some wonderful revelations some may have never encountered. The Multiple Revelation is a brilliant effect, and, once you try performing it, you’ll never look back. As a piece of magic it offers endless variety and opportunity for the performer who keeps his or her mind open, and this DVD is a wonderful resource to anyone interested in exploring the effect. I highly recommend it.

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Author: Gladwin, Andi and James, Rob
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $40.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Multiple Revelation may well be the ultimate card trick. The magician has ten to fifteen spectators each select a card and then finds them in a dazzling array of increasingly impressive ways. It involves the entire audience, uses just an ordinary deck of cards, can be performed in any environment and looks incredibly skilful (even though it need not be difficult to perform). It's the kind of trick that people remember for years afterwards.

Consisting of two DVDs and a book, The Multiple Revelation Project is a unique way of learning this reputation-making routine. The first DVD focuses on everything you need to know to perform this unique effect, including six of the best ways to control cards. The second DVD teaches over 65 different ways to reveal the spectator's selection. Together, the set teaches you how to add improvisation to your magic and use the best controls, revelations and gags for your particular audience. No performance will ever be the same again.

Whether you are an amateur performing at a party, a professional doing walkaround, or a hobbyist at a dinner party this DVD set will be an incredible addition to your arsenal of moves.

Between them, professional close-up magicians Andi Gladwin and Rob James have been closing their performances with this routine for over fifteen years. There are no better people to teach you how to close your act with it too.

Included: 2 DVDs, a full-color book and a beautiful slipcase.

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