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Slydini Encores Review

June 18th, 2013 7:19pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Since this product listing lacks a little more information about its contents, here it is:

Comments (Sparky): No line drawings in this book - just under 200 Photographs (199 to be exact) with Slydini teaching you, first hand, all his magic miracles. Book measures approx. 6 1/4"x9 1/4". Edited by Blanca Lopez.


8 Introduction (Cliff Green)
9 Thank You! (Slydini): September, 1966
11 Author's Preface (Leon Nathanson, M.D.)
13 Editor's Notes: Dr. Jacob Daley's directions for Slydini's"the Art of Using the Lap as a Servante"
25 Imp-Pass: utility move for close up objects
31 Revolve-Vanish: instantaneous vanish of object from the palm
35 One Coin Routine: using only one coin
47 Prediction in Red: magician predicts number of red cards in several packets
55 Capricious Cornucopia: rubber ball production from a magazine cone
63 - Have a Ball: variation to produce salt, sugar, or liquid from the cone
67 Ball Vanish In the Hands: with gimmicked billiard ball
79 Purse of Aladdin: sponge ball and purse frame
85 Long and Short of It: Starting Professor's Nightmare with a single length of rope
93 Wrong Way Coins: three coins penetrate up through the table to join three others (only 6 half dollars used)
99 Sweet Salt: salt vanishes, pours into spectator's hand, and changes to sugar
107 Interlude With a Paper Napkin: torn and restored napkin
115 Cigarette Re-Incarnation: broken and restored cigarette
125 Two Cigarettes From One: cigarette is broken in two, and each half transforms to a whole
137 Unpredictable Coins: coins across
145 Postscriptum: additional tip for Paper Balls Over the Head as described in Ganson's The Magic of Slydini
149 Thumb-Tipping: approach to a thumb-tip vanish in a silk

This book was also made available in CD-ROM format with the exact same content as the physical book. The CD-ROM comes with a unique alphanumeric password on a piece of paper that you must use every single time you want to access the material on the disc, which I think is a great feature. You just better not loose the password, which is not a simple one either.

That said, the name of this book should tell you exactly what the material is: encore pieces. They were specifically compiled as a resource of effects that you might not necessarily do in a normal set or in a show (although you most certainly could!), but rather these are the ones you pull out and perform when your audience pleads for "just one more!"

The material is all very strong stuff and as I said, it certainly can be used as part of a regular set. Some of the things in this book/CD, such as the 'Prediction in Red', 'Capricious Cornucopia' and 'Have a Ball' can play large enough for parlour and stage venues/settings.

If you are a magician dedicated to the serious study and practice of the art and if you have read any other books on Slydini, this book will make an excellent addition to your library.

As with most other Slydini books, the material here is not for beginners and is geared more towards the intermediate practitioner and beyond. I personally use quite a bit of the material from this book as exactly what it was intended for: encores. Presented in the right context this material will leave your audience with a strong memory of the magic you shared with them.

Highly recommended!

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