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Abyss Review

June 18th, 2013 7:29pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
There are a few things in magic that I get obsessed with as far as plots are concerned. My two favorite plots are linking 'anything' (rings, rubber bands, cards, etc.) and coin/cap in bottle-type penetrations but prefer the 'cap' in bottle effects. Long ago I gave up on coin in bottle effects because unless you are using a glass bottle, it is not necessarily so impressive. Who does not know about 'those' coins these days?

Not long after this came to market I picked it up because the demo video really looked good. I was not at all disappointed because what you see there can be replicated in live performance.

Is this 'the ultimate' coin in bottle? Maybe, maybe not. For my own personal taste, considering the relative ease of preparation, the possibilities of using other objects and the ease of handling, I have found this to be the best for me and by far the cleanest out there. That opinion is also based upon the fact that you can absolutely give the bottle away after the object has penetrated inside the bottle.

This can be done with just about any plastic bottle out there such as water bottles, soda bottles, plastic tea bottles, etc. You can start the effect with the bottle full, half full or empty - it makes no difference. For that matter, you can penetrate the coin/key/ring/etc. into the bottle with liquid still in it.

If you really go the distance and take into consideration the proper sanitation necessary, you can prep the bottle well in advance, drink the whole beverage, then go into the effect. This just comes down to personal preference.

The one thing that caused me to dock 1.5 stars off this product was the lack of exploring or explaining the other ideas a bit further. Yes, they give you the extra ideas with some other handlings but it just felt a tad rushed and that there was something missing. This does NOT detract from the quality of the effect itself.

That being said, the instructions were very clear and very well laid out, the photographs were crisp, easy to follow and made learning very easy. The set-up is not all that hard and the whole thing is easy to perform.

The price, for what you get, is very cheap and I am surprised it was not higher than a mere $13.95/USD.

When I choose to perform a coin in bottle, this is my personal holy grail and to me, there is none better. The coin cannot be signed, but who cares? The reactions I get with this are better than you could ask for, it is clean, direct and someone gets an impossible-looking souvenir at the end.

The Enchantment also put out an updated version of this effect which I have not seen yet called ABYSS: The Revolutionary Coin in Bottle". If that update is anything like this version, it will be worth checking out too.

Product info for Abyss

Author: The Enchantment
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $13.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

New from the creative mind which released such popular routines as Archangel and Dreamweaver comes ABYSS - The Ultimate Coin in Bottle. And we mean Ultimate!

When was the last time a coin in bottle routine fooled magician after magician? Take the classic effect to a whole new level.

In effect, the magician visually pushes a borrowed coin into an ordinary bottle. It is so visual people swear there must be a hole in the bottle. But the bottle is completely normal, free of any holes, slits or openings of any kind.

The next kicker is that the coin is completely normal as well. At no time must you switch coins for a gimmicked coin before or after the effect. That’s right, both the coin and the bottle are 100% examinable as they are both completely normal.

Finally, and this is the best part, the coin is genuinely trapped inside the bottle and impossible to get out. You are totally free to hand it out for examination. Place your business card inside and give away a souvenir in an impossible condition - with your contact information. Your audience may then use it as proof to others of the magic they have just witnessed. Needless to say, a reputation maker.

  • Easy to do
  • Not limited to coins – Key in Bottle and Ring in Bottle also included
  • Use coins from different countries
  • Everything may be examined.
  • Leaves an incredible souvenir in an impossible state

This isn’t the old coin in bottle trick. This is the coin in bottle miracle!

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