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Paper Balls And Rings Review

May 13th, 2013 2:14pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
The Paper Balls and Hat is one of my absolute favorite routines from the great Slydini, and another of which I learned from his books.

This video shows you a very unique take on the routine by Tony Clark, one of the very last students of Slydini. The handling was changed to suit the method, which is very clever and very clean. The biggest change that Tony Clark brought to this is that he borrows rings from three members of the audience, wraps them in the paper balls, then in a fashion similar to the Slydini routine, makes the balls vanish and reappear in a cardboard box on the table. The surprise appearance of the wooden box containing the rings in the end is also unique to Tony Clark and is quite powerful.

Tony teaches everything in great detail here. You will find a live performance and a studio performance of his handling and variation. In the explanation sections, Tony starts by talking about the history of both the Slydini working and his (Tony Clark) variation. He describes the necessary props and how to construct them, how to set up everything for performance and then teaches the mechanics of the routine, along with every little detail of the timing, the rhythm, the motions, the nuances, etc. Nothing is left out.

This is not a routine you will learn and practice for a month and then perform it in public - nor should it be. Whether you are learning the Slydini version or the Clark version, this will take months of practice to get all of the nuances, the timing and the rhythm down. Either version both demand and deserve the necessary dedicated practice.

Another aspect of the Tony Clark version that I like is that you can eliminate the use of the rings and the appearance of the wooden box at the end and just do the traditional style presentation, albeit using the Tony Clark method and handling as opposed to that of Slydini - which is quite different. Technically speaking (if it is not already obvious to anyone familiar with the work of Tony Slydini), the Clark version is much simpler in method but by no means easier to perform convincingly.

The menu is easy to navigate, the video is crisp and the sound is clear.

Even if you do not perform the Paper Balls and Rings as described on this DVD or any other version of this routine, it is well worth getting for all of the other things that Tony discusses on the disc from technique to theory to the little practice tips that can be applied to other magic effects/routines.

Highly recommended!

Product info for Paper Balls And Rings

Author: Tony Clark
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Manufacturer's Description:

Finally after many years of constant requests this routine is now available!

This routine is Tony Clark's rendition of Slydini's Paper Balls in box. Tony's version uses three borrowed finger rings that are wrapped inside tissue paper balls and invisibly travel one by one through the air into an empty cardboard box on the other side of the table. In the mind-blowing surprise ending, the three spectator's rings disappear from the paper balls and appear inside a locked wooden ring box that magically appears from the same empty cardboard box! Tony has performed this very elegant and powerful routine all over the world including his show in Lake Tahoe and the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca. This will be one they'll always remember.

Special Note
Tony's version involves No Lapping or difficult transfers. You can perform it without a tablecloth. From the moment you begin, you're literally three steps ahead of the audience. Tony takes you through this incredible routine step-by-step explaining every detail, move and subtlety.

Bonus Material
- Vintage footage of Slydini performing the original Paper Balls in Box.
- Tony Teaches you moves from the original Version.
- Footage from Tony's stage version of Paper Balls & Rings.

Running Time Approximately 55min

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