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Off The Cuff DVD Review

May 13th, 2013 2:13pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
I have had this DVD for years and I repeatedly find myself going back to it for fresh material to use and for inspiration. There are a lot of gems on this disc and is very reminiscent of early Greg Wilson material - mostly because it is!

As was already mentioned in another review, the discussion on the difference between 'improvised' magic and 'impromptu' magic was long overdue and needs to be discussed more often - especially these days.

The material on this DVD is fantastic and everything is clearly taught. It is not what you would call 'studio quality' and the whole disc is presented in lecture format. In fact, it was taped live at a lecture where you see the effect performed and then explained in detail. That is not to say the video quality is poor because it is not - it is actually very good and the sound is also clear. The menu is very easy to navigate because you can browse to find the effect you want or you can play everything straight through from the beginning to the end.

Some of my favorite pieces from this disc include 'Something From Nothing', 'Recap' (also on a few of his other DVDs), 'Yuppie Chow' (a paper napkin through table effect) and 'Sugar Shocker', which is a fun way to give a tip to your waiter/waitress at a restaurant.

Greg also discusses other important points that can be applied to all of the magic you perform, in any venue and for any size of audience. Examples are proper timing, rhythm, routining, etc.

Another DVD along the lines of improvised/impromptu magic that I would recommend is 'On the Spot', also from Gregory Wilson.

If you are a Greg Wilson fan, this DVD definitely belongs on your shelf. If you have never heard of Greg Wilson (is that even possible?!), this DVD belongs on your shelf, along with all of his other DVDs!

Product info for Off The Cuff DVD

Author: Wilson, Greg
Publisher: Secret Source
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Have you ever needed to make a big impression but left all your big impression stuff at home? Well, worry no more. Using ordinary objects that are readily available, you'll learn these simple, yet stunning effects.

Something For Nothing: A trick with nothing... that's really something.

Recap: An eye-popping 5-phase routine with a borrowed pen and its cap.

The All Around Vanish: A totally complete coin disappearance- without all that suspicious hand-washing.

Pitch and Ditch: A revolutionary new move that functions as a Topit. One requirement: you gotta be wearing pants.

Coin Under Watch: A borrowed quarter disappears 3 times. Twice to your watch and once to theirs. Guaranteed to make anyone do a "chimp flip."

Sugar Shocker: A sugar packet instantly changes into a dollar bill as it drops through your fist.

Plus...Half a dozen more spur-of-the-moment miracles in this 90-minute impromptu lecture. With Off-the-Cuff, you'll be prepared to perform on-the-spot in a wide range of sticky situations: at work, home, a restaurant...or even a deserted island. In other words--anytime, anywhere...with anything! Off-the-Cuff is the one thing that every magician should have up his sleeve.

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