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Linking Laces (With DVD) Review

October 24th, 2012 9:02pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Bryce could not have said it any better.

There is no excuse why any magician in the world would not have something like this up their proverbial sleeve. This truly impromptu effect would serve anyone well in the right situations.

I have used this a lot since I bought and learned it two years ago and it is among one of my favorite effects that I do, if for any reason than they have a "souvenir" that can literally be kept forever. Just as an example (and a rather odd one at that):

I remember one experience with this where I performed it for a man at an after-hours get together during a week of corporate work. All of the attendees that were at this after-hours party was in casual dress. I performed this effect for one guy and about eight (8) months later in another state, he saw me working a trade show and came back the next day with that very same shoe, laces still tied and linked. I laughed and all that I could think to myself was, "Who keeps things like this?!" It is just a testament to how strong this effect can be.

I started learning this from the printed instructions first and was as surprised as Bryce to see that they are even more detailed than the DVD. Kudos to Paul and the rest of the team for that! Now, that is not to say that the DVD is no good - it is excellent and it teaches the routine very clearly.

Some magicians (especially rope workers) will be immediately familiar with the first link. The second link is the one that will take plenty of practice to learn, but it is not difficult. To quote Paul on the DVD, "It may seem complicated at first because there are a lot of little twists and turns, but *it* is not hard to learn; it is remembering how to tie it that is hard, but the actions themselves are very simple." It could not be said any better than that. Once you learn it, it will only take a few seconds to tie and you should definitely have a good script on hand.

As far as what types of laces to use this effect on, I have used it on quite a few different types of laces. Longer and thinner leather laces (dress shoes) and thick or thin cotton or polyester laces all work well and it is rare you will encounter laces made with any other material. Just be sure you do not use cruddy laces - the 'ick factor' aside, it will make your job that much harder, if not outright impossible to do.

As far as propping a foot on your lap to do this, it is not necessary at all. If the person is sitting, you can have someone prop it upon another chair, the bench they are sitting on or any other heightened surface. If it is an absolute must you can even do this with them standing up, although that may be uncomfortable for some performers and participants, but it is possible.

The booklet also gives you additional presentation/motivational ideas for your use, all of them very good and workable.

The "impromptu" (actually, on-the-fly) STS (Self-Tying Shoelace) is also worth learning if you do that type of effect and want to perform it when you do not have the gimmicked version with you. Once you learn it, it is very easy to set up on the go.

I highly recommended this to anyone in need of an awesome, strong, do-it-anywhere impromptu effect, and the price is right too!

Product info for Linking Laces (With DVD)

Author: Paul Harris, David Jockisch, William Goodwin
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:



She rests her shoe-covered foot on your lap. You rub her tied laces to soften them up ...and her two loops suddenly link! You have to untie her laces to unlink them.

You gallantly re-tie her laces to make two more unlinked bunny ears. This time she pinches the two separate loops between her own fingers ...and again the two loops link! And they stay linked!

At your insistence she reluctantly takes her foot off your lap ...and wanders away with her impossibly linked laces. She can keep her laces linked forever ...or she can eventually untie them in a futile attempt to unravel the mystery.

  • No gimmicks - works with most types of laces
  • The loops are genuinely linked
  • The linked loops can be examined
  • Completely impromptu

Can be performed with or without a lap!

Plus a powerful bonus effect:
The no-gimmick self-tying shoelace

Comes complete with 28 page, photo-illustrated instruction book and DVD.

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