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Deja Voodoo Review

April 26th, 2012 2:03pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
I have been doing this effect for a long time now. When I first read the effect on the dealer site, I could not wait to order it and get it in my hands.

After I got it and read through the entire manuscript, I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store, and I could not wait to start making the necessary props and preparations required. I have to admit, I really enjoyed that part and it is not really difficult. The hardest part was finding a suitable dictionary, which I found digging through the shelves of dictionaries at my local book store. If you cannot find them in stores, you can easily order them online through various websites. As the instructions say, once you make up the props, you will not have to make them up again (unless, of course, you happen to ruin them somehow). It took me about 2 hours in all to make everything required.

As for the effect, it packs quite the punch and I always get monumental reactions from this. There is some psychology involved, but it is not hard at all and in fact, if you perform any sort of magic, you already use it. There is no memorization required, no sleights, it is easy to make and perform and it will not take up much space, even in a small case (there is the deck of cards, and the recommended dictionary is approximately 5x4x2 inches).

This effect can really be performed in any venue, but it is better suited to shows other than close-up. The only reason I say that is because as a close-up worker, you probably do not want to carry a dictionary around in your pocket or close-up case. If you do, that is up to you and this routine will work just fine and just as well as with any other size of crowd.

If you do not mind spending a little time making your own props for an effect that is easy to do, plays very well, plays big and packs quite small, then this effect is for you. You may well be one of very few performers using it too because in all my years of using this, I have never seen anyone else perform it (and it is a shame, but for some reason, I kind of like it that way!).

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Author: Bob Farmer
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Manufacturer's Description:

Mentalism that is direct and dynamic is scarce. New plots are even rarer. Maximum effect with the minimum of trouble for both the performer and the spectator are seldom seen.

DEJA VOODOO offers all of these features and more. It requires no re-setting. The spectator has nothing more to do than name a card. It can be done under any conditions. There are only two small props that can be easily carried.

It is an effect that you can perform almost immediately. It is an effect that will be impressive the first time you perform it. It requires no sleight of hand, no resetting, no replacements and, once you've made the props, no preparation.

In the six years that this effect has been performed and refined, no one--no laymen, no magician, no mentalist--ever had a clue as to how it was achieved.

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