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LipSmacker! Review

Official Review

April 23rd, 2003 10:50am
Reviewed by David Parr
I've just spent an evening playing with the new Paul Harris release, "LipSmacker." While the effect is not at all my style, it is clever and amusing and I'm sure it will appeal to many performers.

The basic effect is that a tiny bean-shaped breath mint magically vanishes from a volunteer's hand and reappears in a surprising location: the performer's mouth. The method is simple and effective. The gimmick that accomplishes the effect, safely hidden in the mint dispenser, is well out of the way by the conclusion of the routine, so the ending is clean. Unfortunately, the glue that holds the gimmick in place had come loose in shipping, so I had to reattach it with double-sided tape. The manufacturer assures us that this was an isolated incident, but reattaching the gimmick was not much bother -- just a matter of several minutes' experimentation to find the ideal placement.

A bit of fixing was also required to ensure another function of the dispenser. The box is rigged to release two mints at a time, exactly the number required for the routine. But I had a heck of a time getting it to release both mints. In most cases only one dropped out, even with vigorous shaking of the box. Using some Scotch tape and a piece of plain white paper (MacGyver would be proud), I was able to perform a "case mod" on the dispenser so that two mints drop out every time.

The nice thing about the directness of the method is that it allows for a great deal of variation in how the performer chooses to approach the "undercover" work of the routine. Several handlings by various magicians are described, with accompanying photos, in the "LipSmacker" instructions. (The instructions also list a few alternate endings for those who may find the idea of reproducing the missing mint from their mouths distasteful.) The handling that worked best for me, when I tested this effect on a live person, was not in the instructions. Paul Gallagher shrewdly uses the sensation of tapping the mint dispenser on the volunteer's hand to cover a critical moment when he or she might feel something "funny" happening. Gallagher's handling, among others, will apparently be posted on the LipSmacker Tips page of Paul Harris's Web site:

By popping the "LipSmacker" dispenser in your pocket and waiting for the right moment -- say, after dinner with friends -- you'll be able to do a fun bit of seemingly off-the-cuff magic and freshen your friends' breath. And isn't that what friends are for?

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Author: Harris, Paul
Publisher: Yendor's World of Magic, Ltd.
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Manufacturer's Description:

Pouring a couple of breath mints onto someone's hand is one of the most natural social interactions known to modern man (and woman). If you could then make one of the breath mints VANISH out of her hand ... then re-appear in your LIPS! ...well, then you'd have just about the most perfect ice breaker possible...not to mention appealing minty fresh breath!

This astonishing ice breaker is exactly what Paul Harris carries with him when he needs a super natural way to LipSmack a new friend.

She clearly sees two mints in her hand... you NEVER touch the mints or her hand (even though you might want to) ...but when she opens her hand one mint has COMPLETELY VANISHED...and suddenly re-appears between your curiously pursed LIPS! (and yes, the mints can be eaten).

All you need to LipSmack your audience is contained within a single ingeniously-gimmicked box of pocket-sized breath mints.

LipSmacker! can be performed while sitting, standing, or in Paul's case, while aimlessly wandering around.

Resets in seconds, completely self-contained. No palming or sleights. Comes complete with a box of the finest quality industrial strength breath mints. Paul Harris' LipSmacker! Guaranteed to take your breath away.

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