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Elite Bending Coin Review

June 7th, 2011 2:47pm
Reviewed by Mr.Sparkes
Note to self: Here's your new rule of thumb, "Never buy a gimmicked American coin designed outside the US". This will probably work just fine in Europe where people are familiar with US quarters, but don't regularly use them, but for Americans ... it's a struggle to avoid scrutiny, suspicion and distrust. In dark lit settings it might pass, but in full lighting, it just looks too much like a gimmicked quarter.

Also, it's $300 retail for crying out loud. Crikey! Okay, so who is dumber? Crowe for thinking he can get away with charging this much for crap or me for paying that much for crap? (I have seen the enemy and he is staring at me in the mirror!) Do yourself a favor and do not repeat my dumb mistake! It is a crime to charge this kind of money and not deliver something that passes as the real deal. For $300 I should ALWAYS worry that I might somehow accidentally mix my Elite Bending Coin in with my change and spend it accidentally. But alas, that is the least of my concerns.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this coin. On the other hand, the principal behind the effect is good. So, on that note, I do like and recommend Perfect Nail Bend. It works on the same principle, it is convincing and costs a lot less money.
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Product info for Elite Bending Coin

Author: Crowe, Jay
Publisher: Penguin Magic (V)
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $300.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Technology from the future allows you to BEND A COIN WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. Serious artillery for the serious mentalist

If you could really bend coins, THIS is what it would look like.

You ask for a coin and place it on your spectator's open palm. VISIBLY, the coin BENDS BY ITSELF while in their hands! There is no cover whatsoever. Their jaws will drop!

Your hands are completely empty; there is nothing to hide! It's just pure magic! It doesn't look like a trick; it's the real thing! They SEE and FEEL it bending!

The ELITE Bending Coin is a reputation maker designed specifically for the professional. Each set is precision manufactured using the highest quality materials. It will last a lifetime.

  • Only 1 coin is used
  • No switches
  • Easy to do
  • Nothing to hide
  • Angle proof

Coin can be handed out before and immediately after the bend Spectator cannot bend the coin back to its original position A coin bend has never looked so magical!

"Awesome! Now THIS feels like REAL magic!" -- Cyril

"Metal bending gets real!" -- Luis de Matos

"With ELITE, not only does the coin bend, their minds will, too! The bend looks amazing!" -- Keith Barry

"This looks fantastic and is a tremendous addition to the mentalist's arsenal. Well done." -- Banachek

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