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Slasher Review

April 27th, 2011 10:35am
Reviewed by Mr.Sparkes
Before I start my review of Slasher, I need to point out that I hate card tricks. Of course having said that, I must also point out that I only hate card tricks because the really good ones overwhelm me. If the truth be told then I must admit I don’t practice enough to be really good and proficient with cards. Perhaps this is why I like Slasher so much ... in order to perform it well I had to practice it a lot, and unlike most card tricks, I really enjoyed the practice.

On the surface, Slasher is not a card trick as it uses movie tickets and not Bicycles. Yet, to perform Slasher well, you have to master one of the fundamentals of basic card handling. Had I known this ahead of time, I seriously doubt that I would have ever bought it! But, because the ad copy doesn’t spell this out, and because I was intrigued by the story line, I did buy Slasher and now I am really glad I did.

The sleights used in Slasher are not difficult and anyone proficient at card handling will laugh at me once they understand what sleight I am referring to. Be that as it may, Slasher is an excellent training effect for magicians who tend to be, oh let’s just say, sleightly challenged. Because I was determined to perform it well, Slasher required that I really master specific sleights. But what is really nice about Slasher is that it uses the same sleights again and again and not just once or twice (as with most card effects). Consequently, I now have another competent sleight in my performance arsenal and I am no longer limited to doing only a double-lift!

On the other hand, my one complaint about Slasher is the instructions. They are not horrible, but could be written much better. Several times I was just about ready to throw Slasher into the “Why Did I Buy This?” drawer, but the story-line and delivery are so much fun that it kept gnawing at me to master it, and so I just stuck to it.

One recommendation that I have is to suggest you avoid the patter supplied with the instructions (in the beginning anyway). I did this accidentally (I was more obsessed with performance handling proficiencies than delivery). As a result, I naturally started to create my own patter and storyline. Later, as I finally read the suggested instructional patter, I was pleased to discover how I was already thinking along the same lines. Consequently, my patter is a bit of hybrid between the supplied patter and my own imagination. For example, Scream 4 just came out (April 2011) and so I don’t refer to the effect as Slasher, but instead I mention Scream 4 being released and call my version, “Scream 4 This 2-B Over” and that always gets a laugh (feel free to use it if you are so inclined).

In summary, Slasher is a unique audience captivating non-traditional card effect. If you’re unfamiliar with basic card sleights, then this is a fun way to learn and to practice. If you are already proficient, then Slasher can help you tone up and even master your skills.
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Product info for Slasher

Author: R. Shane
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Manufacturer's Description:

This Packet trick KILLS!!!

Imagine weaving a tale of close-up horror and suspense, as well as getting to spoof those Hollywood horror movies at the same time.

Slasher has been the most requested effect from R. Shane's book, Pentalogy- and now we are proud to release it.


Four photos of cheerleaders are shown, along with twelve blank cards. The four cheerleaders are placed on the table in a row and each picture is covered with three blank cards.

The performer, playing the part of the horror movie "Slasher", attempts to "kill" one of the cheerleaders, but the cheerleader is found to have left the pile, escaping the "slasher's" evil and gory plan; she's found to have joined another cheerleader in another pile. This continues, with the poor "slasher" failing miserably at his goal.

Finally, the "slasher" viciously and violently attacks the last pile of cards; turning that pile over, all four cheerleaders are found horribly disfigured and dismembered. The performer though explains that he really isn't a "maniac slasher", and no matter what the spectators saw, it was "only a movie". The dismembered cheerleaders are shown to be completely intact, restored to their normal state of anatomical correctness.

Yes, a commercial packet trick which has been performed by Shane MANY times in table hopping settings.

Easy to reset, and at the end the ladies can be easily magically restored to their former "beauty."

The instructions are very thorough including complete script and story-line ideas. Full performance rights and a set of the cards.

Note- for those who have the book Pentalogy- the handling has been altered a bit from the original to be cleaner and work with fewer cards.

Also included are refresher notes on the simple sleight that is required. Something commercial, comical, topical, and maybe just a tiny bit disturbing!

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