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Andriod Review

February 10th, 2011 10:41am
Reviewed by Mr.Sparkes
Years ago I worked out a special method for communicating any chosen card to my remotely located lovely assistant. I would have the spectator just think of any card and then I would phone call my lovely assistant, greet her briefly with something like, “Hi Jessica, are you ready?” and then hand the phone over to the spectator. Jessica would then mysteriously and accurately reveal the card to the spectator each and every time. Android, by Jay Crowe, is very similar but with a potentially major benefit; Android makes Jessica remotely available 24/7 and 365 days a year! Ah, but there is a catch and the catch is so significant that I came very close to only giving this effect 1 star.

The catch is that setting up a Remote Android Jessica in the US will cost an arm and a leg, your first born, and a promissory note that at the time of your demise you will surrender your gold teeth over to them as well! Okay, I exaggerate, but the service in the US that Jay Crowe recommends is between $400 to $500 for initial set up and $150 a month maintenance! (Price confirmed 2.9.11)

I suppose if you are doing this effect professionally and pretty much every single day, then there might be some merit to the cost … it might actually be cheaper than hiring a living remote Jessica. It might be, but even then I have my doubts.

So why does this effect even get any stars let alone three? Because it got me thinking again … See, I was “limiting” my previous method to playing card predictions. Android opened my eyes to other possibilities. Android is cool and the financial obstacle was a challenge that I felt I had to overcome. So, I created a new “remote viewing” project and effect where the guests choose from a variety of random items (not just cards) and Jessica, (my remote but living and lovely assistant), knows exactly what item was picked each and every time. Additionally, I can text or call Jessica from any phone. I would not have conceived this without first acquiring Android, so my compliments to Mr. Crowe.

Jay Crowe is a very creative thinker and taking his inspiration and combining it with my original method has given me a brand a new effect … one that I am anxious to practice, perfect and perform. So Android is worthwhile, but with a caveat - your US phone must be able to cheaply send and receive text messages to and from the UK or you must think of another way to create the same effect. Regardless what you end up doing, there is much to benefit from Android.
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Author: Jay Crowe
Publisher: Who's Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $30.00
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The performer explains to the spectator how much he likes to travel, so they are going to make a mind trip to an unknown location in the world.

The performer says: "you know, in one of my trips I met someone incredible, she lives in the UK and is a psychic. She has the amazing ability to remote view. Would you like to make an experiment?"

The performer opens his wallet, takes out a business card and hands out the card to the spectator saying: "here you have her phone number, I told her that I was going to have show today and asked if she could help me. She is very busy today, but she told me that I could text message her."

"I have some post cards of previous trips with me. Would you please select ANY destination? Do not let me influence you in any way. I want your choice to be as fair as possible, and you can change your mind if you want."

The spectator chooses one of the postcards, let's say "Greece".

The performer, takes out his cell phone and asks the spectator to text the psychic. The spectator text messages the psychic number, asks which destination was chosen. A Few moments later the psychic replies back with the spectators selected destination.

This is an incredible self working system that you can carry always with you.

Plus, the choices are not limited to postcards. You can also perform ANDROID© with objects! Imagine taking some borrowed objects, asking the spectator to select one, and the ANDROID© guesses the chosen object! Always ready to go.

* No forces
* NO software to install
* No stooges
* No assistants
* One time EASY setup
* EASY to do

Comes complete with everything you need to perform this amazing effect.

Once you have ANDROID© with you, you can perform it impromptu at anytime and anywhere. Excellent for walk around, stage, close-up, cruises, street magic, trade shows etc

In order to perform the effect your mobile phone/operator must be able to allow you to send/receive text messages from a UK or US number. If you are unsure please check with your mobile operator.

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