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100 Under 140 Review

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April 8th, 2011 1:28am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I have known Gordon Meyer for several years. He is a fellow reviewer on MyLovelyAssistant, and we both are a part of the Chicago Magic Workshop. It was here where he gave a copy of this book to a mutual friend. After casually paging through it, I mentioned how cool it was, and Gordon said he’d have a copy for me at the next meeting. Sure enough, a month later he very generously gave me a copy, and even signed it to me. After I finished reading it, I offered to review it here.

I mention this in the interest of full discloser, and because Gordon is a real nice guy, and nice guys don’t get enough glory or credit.

As for the actual book, it is a collection of Twitter posts (or ‘tweets’ as per the technical term) all about magicians and magic. These are all posted by real lay people, and they range from joy towards magic to just plain anger.

It’s an enlightening read, and each tweet has a healthy dose of real world insight to how people talk about magicians when we aren’t around. Some will make you laugh out loud, and some will genuinely hurt your feelings. It’s hard to see someone trash something you love, and devote your life to.

Each tweet is an actual screen shot, so you aren’t just reading posts that are retyped. You see each person’s user name, icon, and profile background. All the pages are full color, and the printing and production quality are quite good. The book is thin, so you will definitely be able to read through it in one sitting. Just a warning, there is some adult language, and situations. In other words, there are a few f-bombs, and ‘sexual comments.’ Remember these are actual tweets by real people, and real people use vulgar language, especially on the internet!

To my mind, this is the perfect coffee table book, or bathroom book for magicians and magic enthusiasts. Since each entry is under one hundred and forty characters it doesn’t have to be read from cover to cover, making it perfect to put next to your copy of “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.” However, Gordon did mention the book tells a story if read from front to back, so keep that in mind.

This is a great product that is completely different from anything else on the market. I strongly recommend you support this bold and interesting book.

Pick up a copy immediately!

Five Stars

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In a world where everything from floor wax to handheld computers are described as being magical, what does being a magician really mean? Gordon Meyer, a long-time magician and trained sociologist, answers that question by turning to the worldwide id known as Twitter. This collection of one hundred carefully curated quips about conjuring is funny, surprising, insightful, and sometimes just plain odd.

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