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Paranormal Review

May 28th, 2010 12:04pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
When I first became aware of PARANORMAL, I was taken by both the effect, and that I could do it anytime (standing or sitting). At first, I wondered 'wow-a hundred bucks! Must be the matchbox.' I imagined a highly sophisticated micro-device hidden in the box, or, something along the lines of 'the matchbox reel'. What tipped me off to the modus operandi, was one ad which mentioned 'refills'-A 'google' later, and I easily found several sources for one of two 'somethings' that make this trick work. I must say, that one 'something' is easily obtained...but the 'other something', is NOT so commonplace. I considered it, and low and behold, there it was on the internet. I'll add, that the average person probably won't know of the exsistance of this 'something'-which, does NOT cost anywhere near the average price of PARANORMAL. Ten bucks, will go a long way-plus a few more for the other 'something' available at Radio Shack, or any hobby/craft store. Clearly, I can understand Brad Henderson's borderline disgust at how high this effect is priced, especially that it includes no great supportive routining. The up side is that I got my copy through Madhatter, for $35.00. Call me lazy, but at that price, it saved me some time and legwork.
As for the effect, and how I'll be presenting it...not too seriously, that's for sure! To me this is a novelty, and a potentially charming one at that. How often do you walk into a bar/restaurant, and see a cute little pinwheel twirling on a toothpick, under a glass?! I can easily see children beguiled by this. But, so far as the hand movements, sure, they are a give away. I've freaked more people out with Martini's rising card BECAUSE I was NOT moving or even touching the deck. One young man once saw me do this (rising card) in a CROWDED, NOISY club-he shot himself half way across the room, just to see it up close. I've yet to see if PARANORMAL will invoke the same response.
For a more serious, 'PARANORMAL' demonstration, I would get ULTRACINESE. From all that I've researched on this effect, it is about as paranormal as it gets AND, the mechanics involved do indeed seem to justify the price (about $250.00). I'll skip details, but Ultracinese has all of the features of a hands off, mind- freaking miracle. It's on my list, but, I'll still be having fun making the little paper wheel twirl-minus any presentation ala Geller.

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Author: Lesley, Ted
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $100.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A true miracle of ultimate PSI Power - telekinesis that will leave your audience spellbound.

The magician pushes a wooden toothpick into the middle of a matchbox. He then folds a small piece of paper into a pyramid shape and places it on the tip of the toothpick so that it can rotate freely. After covering everything with a glass, he begins to make magical gestures around the glass, never actually coming in contact with it. Suddenly, the paper starts to rotate, very slowly at first, and then picking up momentum. On his command, the revolving stops and the paper rotates in the opposite direction. Everything can be examined both before and after the effect. The paper can even be marked with an arrow and used to divine a selected item from objects placed around the glass. Or, perform it with your business card. Perform it anytime, anywhere - and completely surrounded. Comes complete with all the necessary props - you supply the glass.

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