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Linking Chain Links Review

Official Review

October 12th, 2010 5:10am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Whoever said there is no such thing as a bad idea, was wrong!

This is possibly the worst magic product I’ve ever seen. I mean, crappy effects are usually just put in plastic bags, and include single sheet instructions.

Not Al Bach, though!

He’s put such care and effort into this turd of an effect that there were times during the 15 minute instruction DVD that I was telling myself this was a bad dream, or a joke!

The DVD case is actually a case for two DVDs, but only includes one. I get this is to ‘package’ the chain links inside a plastic bag in the case, but it still makes it look cheap. Finally, the cover looks like it was printed on a printer form the 1980s. The DVD has no menu, it just plays to the end, then restarts from the beginning again to ensure you are trapped in this never ending hell.

The effect itself consists of snapping plastic chain links together and apart. You also put them in your pockets, then take them back out for no reason before linking them permanently to give to your audience who for sure feels sorry for you by this point. It seems like something that was rejected from a dollar store magic set. I doubt even a small child will find this amazing, or even interesting.

The only thing I’ll give him credit for is being ‘creative’ and having the guts of putting out such a remarkable piece of dumbness. Ignorance is definitely bliss, because Al is smiling the entire time, acting like this is the greatest effect since the Sponge Ding Dong.

Everything from the stupid skit at the beginning which ends in a horrible pun, to the over the top praising of this effect strikes me as strange. During the effect and explanation, he keeps saying confusing things that sound clever only to him.

For Example:

“One Link. Two Links. That’s Two, Linked Links.”

At the end of the DVD, he says you can give the permanently linked links to your spectator as a souvenir, and buy more on his site. However, you can’t choose the color of your plastic chain links. I’m sorry, Al, but if I really want more of these stupid things, I can get them for ten cents a piece at my hardware store, and I get to chose the colors.

This is magic merchandise at it’s most clueless. I can think of so many other better magic products you could spend twenty-five dollars on. I simply cannot recommend this product on any level. Stay far away.

Product info for Linking Chain Links

Author: Al Bach
Publisher: Magic Now
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $24.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Linking Chain Links

Great for walk around close-up!
BASIC LINKING....Two colorful plastic chain links are shown, one in each hand(nothing Else in the hands).The magician then links the links together! The spectators can view the linked, links very closely!
Then if you like you can follow up with a handling where you un-link & hand out for examination!

INSTA-LINK....A red link is held in the open left approximate 11" chain(blue links) is snapped onto the red link once......twice......& on the third snap the red link instantaneously links onto the lower most link of the blue chain!......If you like hand the chain out for examination!

CHOREOGRAPHED LINKING:Two plastic chain links are freely shown...... LINKED, then-immediately handed to the spectator for examination! An ingenious method is taught which can be applied to other effects!

Plus:Tips and ideas.......This DVD opens the door of un-chartered territory...if you are'll possibly develop your own plastic chain link effects & routines!

Includes:Plastic chain, plastic links & gimmicks for all three routines. NOTE:Colors of chain & links supplied may very from the description.
Instruction on DVD.

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