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Dice Flight Review

March 13th, 2010 10:40am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I'm rarely in any particular rush to condemn a product, much less it's manufacturer. People who buy commercial magic, know (at some point!) where the high quality items come from. Empire magic, has not been a producer of high level items, in my opinion. Their target customer seems to be child to teenager. Despite their impressive looking logo, there is simply no comparison to Johnson, Viking, and others of this ilk. It always gets down to quality and craftsmanship, which I am glad to pay for.

Now, I heard/read about 'Dice flight', and it seemed like a nice little pocket trick. The ads said 'brass', and that can't be as bad as 'plastic brass' or 'genuine brass plating'-The trick is carried by major dealers, and i ordered one. I'm glad I bought it, despite my reservations about other Empire products.

The routine will be familiar to to any close up worker; the trays do the work, it's a simple yet really effective routine. I do some complicated stuff-and sometimes I actually like to pull an effect like this out, and just do it. I think it's great for strolling, and also for magic bartenders.I have two nit picky comments, but before i get to that, I will say that this trick is worth getting. It could probably be priced at $9.99, because, yeah it's brass-but, it's stamped out brass. no lips on the edges, and it had the telltale mass market glue smudging inside and out. Put it this way: it's not Johnson or Viking brass.

So, the nit-picky stuff: this trick comes with a handful of dice, most of which are supposed to 'identical'. Three in my set, were actually a different species of die-they had red dots for ones, and rounder edges than the other two dice. I switched them out with my own dice, but, it just seemed to one of those mass produced oversights. Besides the glue smudging, minimal, but, it shouldn't be extra 1/4"-1/2" of depth to these trays, would allow the performer to rest them both on the table throughout. One guilty tray, has to be hand held, because it would advertise it's guilt if you laid it on the table. I wish the designer had taken this into account. As with many effects I've purchased, I modify, adjust, and improve, if I see an opportunity. I found that the trays could hold quarters in lieu of dice, which allows for I think a more natural handling.

I do think that this trick, had a grandfather that was made out of wood. The interiors, were green felt, deeper, and if memory serves me well, I saw a set at Tannen's in NYC, over twenty years ago. Don't quote me on this, but I think that this very nice trick, has had other incarnations-and while this is not put out by Viking, at least it's not.....'brass like' plastic. Enough! If you're a hobbiest, a kid, a parent, or just want a really good trick with dice, GET THIS. It's a classic effect, made easy, and you can end clean.

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Show four dice in a tray and dump them in a spectator's hand. Pick up one of the dice and place it in your pocket. Shake the tray - one die jumps from your pocket to the tray! Repeat this with the second, third and final die!

The magic is INSTANT! The tray does all the magic. Repeat it THREE Times!

No Moves! Easy to Do!

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