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Panic (Gimmick and DVD) Review

Official Review

January 11th, 2010 6:47am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Aaron Fisher has managed to get himself in the enviable position of having lots of young –street magic” fans, while also earning the respect and admiration of older, more experienced magicians. This blending of genres is visible on his DVD, –Panic.”. The effect is simple: you place the four kings in your back pocket, spread the deck to display the cards, then by simply pressing your hands together the deck vanishes, leaving only the 4 kings behind. Where did the deck go? It’s in your back pocket where the kings were just a moment ago.

Despite the fact that there are already a number of methods in existence to vanish a deck, both gimmicked and not, –Panic” is worthy of your attention. First of all, the disappearance is very clean. The illusion the gimmick creates allows for a very convincing, dynamic display. Even after knowing the method, it still almost fools me. And if you want to fool someone deeply, conviction is necessary, and –Panic” creates an unbelievably convincing illusion.

On the other hand, the handling is a little idiosyncratic. The display of the cards is a bit unusual and a touch cozy. And while the deck does vanish, the effect is that of it actually transposing with the 4 kings, which is something to keep in mind in terms of routining. While I imagine I’m in the minority here, were I to perform –Panic” I would need to justify the use of the kings more than simply by placing them in my back pocket, which Mr. Fisher says is his preferred presentation. (As if in answer to my concern, Mr. Fisher does explain an alternate handling reminiscent of Vernon’s –Travelers” where the 4 kings vanish from the deck and appear in 4 separate pockets before the deck itself vanishes per the basic effect of –Panic.”)

One of the things I most appreciate about this DVD is the care with which Mr. Fisher explains his creation and the thought that has gone into teaching it. In addition to being an excellent performer, he also is quite a good teacher of magic, and his ability to not only communicate clearly, but anticipate potential roadblocks the viewer might have is extremely valuable. Very few DVDs out on the market, whether they be one trick DVDs or compilations, demonstrate the same level of thought and care that Mr. Fisher does in teaching –Panic.”

Along the same lines, Mr. Fisher is clearly a deep thinker in magic and cares greatly about the tiniest of details. In addition to the time spent practicing his sleights, he has clearly spent an equal amount of time analyzing and studying what makes quality magic. He discusses a number of these kinds of details in regards to –Panic,” also introducing very important, classic principles in the performance of magic in general. Even if the viewer were never to perform –Panic,” but just take Mr. Fisher’s approach to heart and implement the ideas he discusses, his or her magic would be certain to improve dramatically.

To complete the lesson, Mr. Fisher even goes into detail as to how to handle various audiences and circumstances, even going so far as to discuss how to handle unexpected interruptions during a performance. This is the mark of a teacher who has performed the material he is teaching, as well as one who is committed that his work be performed effectively by the viewer.

I do have to say that, while this is an excellent effect, for $1 more you could get Aaron’s book The Paper Engine, which, while it does not include an explanation of –Panic,” does explain a number of great routines and discusses in depth many of the ideas he discusses on the DVD. (I’m an unabashed fan of books over DVDs) However, if you like the effect of –Panic,” and given the gimmicks included in the DVD are excellent and not something you could make on your own, this is definitely a strong effect and well worth the price.

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Author: Aaron Fisher
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They came. They saw. They vanished.

The four Kings are shown and placed into your back pocket. The rest of the deck is spread cleanly, and then it happens.

The deck instantly vanishes in your hands -- leaving only four cards. The cards are shown to be the Kings. And where's the rest of the pack? In your back pocket. No sleights. No funny moves.

Panic has become Aaron Fisher's favorite effect, and for good reason. Never before released until now, Panic has the power to leave your audiences stunned, and leave their jaws on the floor hours after you've left their presence. This is the trick people talk about. This is the trick that will make you a legend.

Aaron Fisher (creator and performer of over 15 years and theory11 Artist) will walk you through the trick step-by-step, in detail and with unparalleled instruction. Filmed on the streets of Las Vegas, you'll be able to see just how effective Panic is in front of real-world street audiences; complete strangers. Every question you have will be answered.

Shot in high definition and mastered to DVD, with top notch production by the theory11 team. This is the reputation maker you've been looking for.

NOTE: This is the remaining supply of Panic as produced by Theory 11. Once our supply is depleted this item will no longer be available.

Running Time Approximately: 43mins

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