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Dean's Box Review

January 8th, 2003 12:45am
Reviewed by Carlo DeBlasio
This is a powerful close-up and platform illusion. I presented the Box at a party the other night and I received an ovation! As a performer that's what I look to achieve from an effect. It fooled me badly when I saw it, and it has stunned both paying and test audiences. The great thing is that the box is so subtlety gimmicked that it can bear minute scrutiny. The box and accompanying props are well made. When you first learn the secret you will appreciate the beauty of its simplicity. Pricey? Yep. This isn't for the merely curious; it is for those who will use it to build a reputation.

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Author: Dill, Dean
Average Rating:  (7)
Retail Price: $255.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Every now and then an effect comes along that is powerful enough to amaze any audience, yet diabolical enough to fool even the most knowledgeable magicians. Dean's Box is just such an effect. The routine uses what appears to be the most innocent of props. A beautifully crafted wooden box and two lengths of rope One red and one white. Again and again, the ropes defy the laws of physics as solid passes through solid. Each step is more amazing than the last.

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