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Honest Cheat Poker Routine Review

Official Review

March 4th, 2008 12:11pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
This is a brief (7 page) manuscript detailing a poker deal. There is no sleight of hand explained in the booklet, though the instructions say that the performer should false shuffle the cards at one point in the routine. There is also very little traditional “magic” in the performance as much of the effect depends on the spectator seeing exactly what the magician is “trying to get away with.”

All this for the low, low price of $20.

And it’s absolutely worth it.

Unlike most releases, this manuscript is not about method or even effect. It’s about entertainment. Specifically, comedy. And it is FUNNY. Even a marginally comedic performer, with the tiniest of acting skills, could make this routine play well. And a solid performer is going to get miles of laughs out of it.

It’s not a one gag trick, either. It has phases, callbacks, builds and triumphs. It’s a lesson in routining, scripting, and performance. It’s the kind of routine that is wildly fun to perform and that people will remember for a long time. Not because of how badly they were fooled, but because of how much fun they had watching the performer.

Not a bad thing to be remembered for.

If you want to entertain and to make your audience laugh, don’t just perform this routine. Study it. Learn how to apply what Mr. Bursky does to what you do. It’ll make you a better performer. And your audiences will thank you for it.
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Product info for Honest Cheat Poker Routine

Author: Alan Bursky
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Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Honest Cheat Poker Routine is a fantastic five-minute humor-filled card act, perfect for the close-up or stand-up performer. There are many poker and gambling demonstration routines around, but none that pack the humor and multi-level climaxes of this one. Best of all, it's super-easy to do with NO SLEIGHTS needed, and it can be performed with any deck!


The magician proposes to play a hand of poker with a spectator and promises to never, ever cheat, but as soon as he starts to deal, it's obvious the magician is trying to win the game with blatant and funny card trickery. As the audience will loudly point out, the magician deals himself too many cards, discards too few, and keeps ending up with more cards than the spectator.

To make the game fair, the spectator and two other volunteers PICK THEIR OWN HANDS from the discard pile. In an amazing QUADRUPLE climax, the spectators reveal that they have ended up with two full houses and a straight flush, but the magician beats all three with a royal flush in Spades!

The Honest Cheat Poker Routine uses any deck! No gimmicked cards, phony-looking moves, or boring moments! Reset time is quick, and it can be done surrounded. It's visual, funny, and commercial! Entire routine detailed in a 7-page booklet.

"I've seen Alan Bursky do this routine dozens of times. It always kills!"
- Johnny Thompson

"One of the funniest lines in my show was written for me by Alan Bursky. I really want to learn this routine!"
- Lance Burton

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