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Magic Reviews by Eugene Burger

Official Reviewer

By definition, magicians are pretty special people, but Eugene Burger is considered exceptional even by other magicians. He has written fifteen best- selling books for the trade, starred in eight instructional videos, lectured extensively to magicians' groups in over a dozen countries, and his writings have been translated into several languages.

His deep understanding of the psychology and philosophy behind the magic have won him international accolades, cover stories in conjuring magazines, and four awards from the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood.
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Magic Product Title Author / Creator List Price Date Rating
Pen-nomenon - Trick X, Stephen $29.95 Oct 2, '16
The Switch Lim, Shin $30.00 Mar 11, '14
The Art of Switching Decks Giobbi, Roberto $55.00 Jul 25, '13
Scared Daws, Jamie $35.00 Jun 23, '11
Anate Christopher, Dee $35.00 Jun 23, '11
MXL Margarita XL Sean Scott $35.00 Mar 22, '10
Twist 3 Michael Paul $15.00 Aug 30, '09
Visceral Derek Roberts $15.00 Aug 12, '09
Tarot Daniel Zuckerbrot $20.00 Jul 24, '09
Fan2c R. Paul Wilson $20.00 Jul 24, '09
Make Amends (With Gimmick) Wayne Fox $29.95 Jul 24, '09
Unleaded Txema Gico and Devin Knight $20.00 Jul 8, '09
Snap Jesse Feinberg $20.00 Jul 8, '09
Eye Candy Larry Becker and Lee Earle $79.50 May 17, '04
From Within Nigel Harrison $24.95 May 17, '04
Ace Illusion Tom James $12.00 May 17, '04
Drinks On Me! Matthew Johnson $17.00 May 17, '04
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