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Magic Reviews by Stuart Philip

Official Reviewer

Stu was bit by the magic bug at the age of 6 and has not yet been cured. He started performing magic when he was 15 years old and has been a student and creator of magic for the past forty years. Stu has performed, vetted and analyzed hundreds of tricks, concentrating on cards, coins, mentalism, close up and children’s entertainment. Stu believes that the sale and promotion of magic tricks should adhere to ethical guidelines to eliminate misrepresentation of products in advertising. As a recent addition to the official reviewers ranks at My Lovely Assistant, he believes that direct, fair and honest reviews of products marketed to the magic community is essential to ensuring performers and workers alike make informed purchasing decisions. Stu’s day job as a trial lawyer sometimes requires him to employ the presentation and audience management skills (and on occasion, misdirection) he learned as a magician decades ago.
Magic Product Title Author / Creator List Price Date Rating
Cody's Comedy Book Test Fisher, Cody $64.95 Nov 15, '14
WikiTest Marc Kerstein $64.99 Feb 3, '17
David Penn's Mystery Solved Penn, David $72.50 Jan 3, '15
Oasis Book Test Barrow, Clint $79.99 Aug 19, '14
Pocket Money Wayne Dobson $80.00 Mar 24, '15
Paul Harris Presents Examiner (Gimmicks & DVD) Graham, John $89.95 Sep 28, '15
Clarity Box David Regal $90.00 Jan 11, '15
Collision Wright, Tom $95.00 Sep 5, '14
Ultimate Book Test (Limited Edition) Volpe, Luca $95.00 Dec 22, '14
BLINK SKYMEMBER $99.95 Dec 29, '15
Rise (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Scott, Sean $99.95 Jan 27, '16
1% (One Percent) 2 DVD set Hojin, Yu $119.95 Feb 1, '15
Alchemist: Screw Driver (2 Gimmicks and DVD) $129.95 Jan 27, '15
Cerberus Wallet Meadows, Daniel $139.95 Mar 22, '15
Reloaded Da Ortiz, Dani $150.00 Nov 18, '15
Dream Act Shin Lim $199.95 Oct 2, '16
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