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Magic Reviews by Jeff McBride

Official Reviewer

Widely acclaimed as the most innovative and exciting star of magic in our time. In addition to his work as a performer, McBride is in demand as a teacher and lecturer for magicians and lay audiences. With Eugene Burger he conducts regular intensive Master Class session in Las Vegas, and has lectured for groups as diverse as the Smithsonian and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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Magic Product Title Author / Creator List Price Date Rating
Swami Secure Solari, Bob $19.95 Sep 4, '12
Miser's Miracle Solari, Bob $24.95 Sep 4, '12
AM/PM Jonathan Price and Alex Pandrea $35.00 Aug 9, '10
World's Funniest Mouthcoil Routine Robert Baxt $24.95 Jul 5, '09
Time Machine and Touches Kenton Knepper $35.00 Jul 5, '09
Skits and Bits: Create Astonishing Stage Hypnosis Skits and Routines Richard Nongard and John Cerbone $89.95 Jul 5, '09
Sam The Bellhop Bill Malone $25.00 Jul 5, '09
Rainbow Ropes - The Remix Fooler Doolers $20.00 Jul 5, '09
Mesika's Wallet (Card To Wallet) Yigal Mesika $50.00 Jul 5, '09
Lexicon Phenomena Devin Knight and Al Mann $150.00 Jul 5, '09
Ice From Water Andrew Gerard $75.00 Jul 5, '09
Sponge Eyeballs Alan Wong and Steve Marshall $24.95 Jul 5, '09
Alpha Cards Jesse Feinberg $20.00 Aug 13, '08
CastleMaynia (With DVD) Andrew Mayne $15.00 Aug 5, '08
Safety Hole Lite Menny Lindenfeld $25.00 Jul 29, '08
Pure Filth David Regal $20.00 Jul 23, '08
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