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Hunter Shuffle

by Rudy Hunter

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Categories: General, Close Up, Gambling
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Magic Makers Inc.

Product Description

An essential move with cards...

On this DVD you will learn how to take a regular deck of cards, give it a few innocent shuffles, and leave the cards in their original order! Learn step by step with Magic Expert Rudy Hunter as he shares with you his incredible false shuffle! It's easy to master and extremely deceptive!
Date Added: Oct 2nd, 2006


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October 6th, 2006 4:12pm
Reviewed by transtremm
This is a 10 minuet utility video by Ruddy Hunter describing in detail a false table shuffle called the, “Rudy Shuffle.” There are no tricks or routines taught on this DVD. The image quality, production values, and method of teaching are all excellent.

This is an excellent false table riffle shuffle to learn. It is the easiest method I know of. It is similar to a Zarrow shuffle and almost as deceptive. Different angles are filmed and a very detailed explanation is given at a good pace (not too fast). You will be able to learn every detail of this shuffle in only a few minuets.

It is a good false shuffle, fairly deceptive, but not as deceptive as a true Zarrow shuffle. This brings up the issue of crediting the shuffle. Hunter credits the shuffle to himself; in fact he does not deserve full credit. To more appropriately assign credit would be to say: this is Hunter’s variation of a Zarrow shuffle.

This is not a method of card control, it is a false shuffle, do... [Read More]

Official Review

August 9th, 2015 8:27am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a really nice false shuffle. Possibly the best table riffle false shuffle.


It certainly would have been nice if Rudy had teamed up with others to display the best of several false shuffles: table riffle shuffle, riffle shuffle without a table, and overhand shuffles.

There is no effect taught. It appears from the DVD that Rudy is a working professional magician. It would have been nice for this DVD to encompass a bit more than just one shuffle.


This is an excellent false table riffle shuffle, but that is all you will learn.

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