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Balloon Sculpture Made Easy 2 DVD

by Hampton Ridge

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Category: Balloons
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Balloon sculpture is a fun and fascinating pastime. And best of all, it is easy to do! Souvenirs made of bright, colorful, balloons are popular with children of all ages, and adults, too. This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to make incredible creations like a professional balloon artist in just minutes.

With DVD technology, learning how to make balloon sculptures is simple. By freezing frames and jumping to specific explanations, mastering the fundamentals of these works of balloon art is easier than ever before.

This DVD will teach you how to create these sculptures and more:

  • A Rainbow
  • A T-Rex
  • A Christian Wreath
  • Fishing Pole With Fish
  • Motorcycle With Rider
  • And Much More!

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
MLA SKU: tkQdTIG7h6hiJ2x


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