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Newton's Nightmare

by William J. Schmeelk

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Media Type: Trick

Product Description

A brilliant synthesis of sorcery and science, Newton's Nightmare must be seen to be believed!

From the mind of William J. Schmeelk comes this gravity-defying miracle. A brass weight is dropped through an aluminum tube. It rockets through, falling into the spectator's hand. So far, so good.

But, at the magician's command, the weight drops through the tube in slow motion - like an astronaut bounding across the moon! The brass weight can be seen floating through the tube - even while the trick is in the package, making this a virtually self-performing miracle!

Newton's Nightmare is a delight to perform, and easy enough for any aspiring sorcerer - or scientist - to master.

Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006
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Official Review

September 24th, 2004 4:54pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
This is fun. And before people start screaming "Puzzle," this can come off as a nice piece of magic.

As alluded to in my Skullduggery review, I embarked on a summer tour and availed myself of playing with some of the latest offerings. Newton's Nightmare was one of them.

I had a blast with this and so did the groups with whom I shared it.

My presentation:

"I have a friend who is a magician. Well, he's not really a magician, I mean I don't think I've ever actually seen him do a trick. But he LOVES magic and wanted to come up with something to help magicians become better, so he
designed this:

"This is a hand eye coordination developer. Its a brass weight and an aluminum tube. You drop the weight through the top of the tube and you try to catch it when it falls out the bottom. Now there are holes in the side so you can watch it, but the idea is to look away and trust your senses. Here give it a
shot, but it's harder than it looks."

(Pass it around circle, everyone... [Read More]

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

July 5th, 2006 2:53pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
No doubt one of the cleverest tricks around,

Want to know how it's done? Science,
How does it work? I haven't a clue and that's the truth.

I bought mine and spent the whole weekend playing with it, I showed everyone from my wife to the postman.

This looks like real magic..

If you put a great presentation with it then you will have the best trick around (I do slowmotion acting as if on TV)

No skill required as it's totally self working, just hope some company doesn't put it on the market as toy as it's far too good for that.


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