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Tony Marks: Aristocrat Of Deception

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Category: History
Media Type: Book

Product Description

The life and times and exceptional Magic of one of the great nightclub performers of the 40's and 50's.

Tony Marks personified the image of the suave and sophisticated magician but excelled in comedy as well as manipulation.

His entire act is described in detail. All the custom props, his attitude about Magic and performing, his original bits of business; they're all here for your enjoyment and edification.

His nightclub table will help many design their own approach and his Rabbit Bag and Floating Rabbit may even bring back the use of that seldom seen symbol of Magic, the Rabbit! Even details about his body loads and set-up are revealed for the first time.

This is a nicely produced hardbound edition with line drawings expertly done by master artist Tony Dunn and rare photos of the Master Deceiver. One hundred and eighteen pages that will delight you and which you will read and reread as you discover things that will aid you in your own act; highly recommended reading.

Date Added: Feb 15th, 2004


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