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Ventriloquism Made Easy

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Category: Ventriloquism
Media Type: Book

Product Description

Learn how to throw your voice!

Make your hand talk, your shoe sing, your goldfish sing, and lots more!

Everyone will be tongue-tied when you start talking to the lamp shade and it talks back!

Paul Stadelman, a professional ventriloquist who starred on his own TV show for many years, shares with you the secrets that have made him a hilarious success.

Ventriloquism is taught in this book and it is easy to learn if you follow a few simple rules.

Anybody can do it!

And it's so much fun that once you start you'll be talking to yourself for hours.

This book explains how to use standard puppets as well as novelty figures such as balloon animals and gym socks.

Includes 22 complete comedy dialogs to get you started.

All outrageously funny!
Date Added: Jan 31st, 2004


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