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Juro Modified

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Category: Ventriloquism
Media Type: Book

Product Description

This is a new vent doll that has been professionally modified from its original state.

The doll originally came with mouth movement only and was operated by pulling on a ring attached to a string that came through the back of the doll's neck.

This modified doll has full head movement made possible by a large wooden dowel arrangement attached to the neck area.

Mounted to this wooden dowel is a lever-action type wooden control for the mouth movement which makes everything much more positive in operation from the original.

The controls are operated through the backside of the doll.

Measures approximately 31 inches in length and comes with the clothes pictured plus original instructions which include 7 simple steps to ventriloquism.
Date Added: Jan 31st, 2004


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January 26th, 2005 1:05am
Reviewed by Pix Smith
This is a great beginning figure for anyone who wants to figure out if they are interested in performing vent.

The modifications also add a bit of weight to the figure, and they sit well and hold their positions without much worry. The action on the lever is good (for what it is) and it is a definite step up from the Juro/Goldberger string on the back of the neck.

Again, for an inexpensive start or for a figure that will not inherently be disouraging to work with, I think this is a great choice.

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